Autumnal Scents, I am loving…

Autumnal scents are always a funny one. Everything is always pumpkin scent. Which for me, isn’t always what I want. Pumpkin scent is nice but, do you ever fancy somehing else? Pumpkin scents can be very strong. So, here is some ideas for alternative scents that still keep your home smelling autumnal…

1) I love love love these tealights!They are super great smelling. They literally smell like what they say, they are super cosy vibes. Defiantly my current favourite!

2) Caramel Pecan. This is one of my favourites. Also, the fact it is orange really is good a fitting the theming..

3) This is a candle for if you do like a stong smell. It’s the best of both worlds, slightly fruity but also the woody scent behind it.

4) Amber Wood. This is one for those who like more of a sharper wood scent. But, defiantly super lovely and is also a great aethestic woodland vibe.

All these candles are from The Range and are less than £7. Let me know in the comments what scents you are loving this autumn..

Pop back tomorrow evening for my “My Autumnal 2022 Haul”. Looking forward to having you back here tomorrow!!

Lots of love, this spooky season!🎃


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