How I got into Spirituality and my top tips to get started….

I recently asked my Instagram followers if they had any questions about spirituality. I decided as there were so many that I would blog about it all. So, this blog is me answering a few of the questions. As there were so many the questions will be answered in different parts across a few blogs.

There is obviously so much when it comes to spirituality and so much is based of personal experiences and beliefs, so everything in this blog is based from my personal opinions.

What made me start getting into spirituality?

This is such a great question, and is always the main question because it is where you start. For me, my family such as my mum and my aunties have always been very spiritual, but it was something that was never shoved in my face, it was always something that if I wanted to learn about then the offer was always there.

It wasn’t until I was around the age of 14 when I started to question what I believed in and if it was spirituality. Since then I have always pushed it to the side, and thought it was nothing. Around the age of 18 (4 years ago) , when I moved away from home I started to read more about it, and believe there was a spirit around me. But, once again I never tried to work on it or understand it further.

Around the age of 20 (2 years ago), I started talking about it to my mum abit more and asking questions. This is when she suggested that we go to her physic reader and see what she had to say. This woman knew nothing about me other than my name was Emily and I was my mother’s daughter. She told me about my job and how it made me feel. She told me about the people in my lives. She told me I lived away from home, how independent I am. She told me that I had met the my soul mate, the one who I was going to spend the rest of my life with. It’s incredible, it’s such an incredible feeling.

Obviously, since that moment I started to believe a lot more and started to research a lot more. I bought books and crystals. I still wasn’t focusing on it half as much as I am now, but it was a step in the right direction.

Ever since the beginning of this pandemic, around a year ago, it’s gave me so much time. Something I never had. I always pushed spirituality aside because there was no time, there was always something else to do. So the last year, I’ve really used this spare time to focus on it and learn a lot more and I am so grateful for that. This last year wasn’t great, it took a lot from us, but it gave me time. It created this spiritual version of myself and for that I am grateful.

My top tips to get into Spirituality…

  • Buy Spiritual things. I want to do a blog on this itself. So, keep an eye out for that. But, get yourself a crystal, you need to hold it, feel it. See if you like it. See if you can feel the energy. Rose Quartz is a great first start. Rose Quartz is for love, love around you, love with others and love within you. The best love. Self love.
  • Do some research. Use the internet, it’s amazing it can give you all the answers. See what you can learn, the best thing about spirituality is you never stop learning. There is so much to learn, it’s amazing!
  • Talk to others about it. The day I told my best friend that I was into spirituality was one of the best days of my life. Spirituality is such an odd topic to some people, so you often get worried to mention it to others. People often think you are crazy, let them think that. Who cares, I don’t! I would have never know she was into spirituality if I had never plucked up the courage to mention it, and now we are on this beautiful journey together.
  • Learn about yourself. Some people say spirituality and astrology are two very different things but personally I think they are very similar and intertwine with each other. Start learning about yourself. What star sign are you? What moon sign are you? What rising sign are you? All these different signs are amazing and they create your personality and who you are.

I hope this blog has answered some of your questions and put you on the right path to this spiritual journey, if you are still not ready to start, that’s okay. This stuff can take time. If you have any other questions make sure to leave them on a comment below or drop me a DM on Instagram or even an email, all the links are attached

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