Five small things you can do for yourself today…

It is so important to look after yourself everyday and I do understand that you can loose looking after yourself when life takes over. So, I thought I would share this blog for two reasons. One reason being I thought this could be your reminder to look after yourself, and the other being if you needed tips on what you can do everyday for yourself I thought this could be helpful.

Let’s get into it…

Journal. Get all your feeling out on paper. There is nothing worse than keeping everything to yourself and struggling mentally because you feel nobody will listen to you. Get it out of your head and onto paper, this way you will feel a weight lifting off your shoulders.

Self care, now this can be anything from a bath, to an early night, to a face mask, to even just washing your face properly. This can be anything of your choice and can be no matter how small, as long as it its something to care for you, whether your mind or body.

Say no. Obviously say it in a kind way such as “no thank you”, or “not today, but maybe another time”. Saying no when you want to is super important. There is nothing worse than not wanting to go somewhere or not wanting to do something and feeling like you cannot say no. You can always say no. This is your life. Do what you like, when you like and never feel bad for saying no.

Go outside. No matter how long for, or where. Take sometime outside. For me being outside means being in nature, in the countryside with the smell of freshly cut grass and manure. However, if this is not for you, a walk to the local shop or along the high street or even a 10 minute walk around the block will do you the world of good. Fresh air is so good for your mind and your mental health.

Finally, eat. This is always an odd one because everyone is different here. But, just do what makes you happy here. Eat what you wanna eat, don’t ever feel guilty for having the chocolate bar. Make sure you are eating three meals a day, and if you want a fourth one, eat it. Make sure you are drink plenty of water but also don’t forget about your fizzies. If it makes you happy have it.

Thank you for taking your time out if our evening to read this week’s EmWinnWednesday blog. Hoping that you have either learnt something that you can do to look after yourself, or even just been motivated to take some time for you.

Lots of love always,


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