Three things to do when you can feel yourself burning out…

We’ve all felt those feelings, the feeling when you feel like you are loosing yourself a little. You are feeling more emotional than normal. You are feeling a little but run down. Or even if you can feel yourself catching that dreaded cold, especially at this time of year.

1) Be honest. To yourself & others. Be honest with yourself by noticing you feel unlike you and you need to stop and focus on resting. Be honest with others, whether that is mum, dad, friends or a partner. If you need to cancel plans, cancel them but be honest and say you aren’t feeling right and need to take time for you. If you need time alone without being interrupted then communicate that to you partner.

2) Rest. Rest. Rest. Please stop, do not push through it’ll get worse and it’ll take up more time to be you again. Listen to your body, focus on what’s wring and make it right. But, please stop & rest.

3) Pamper yourself. You should always pamper yourself but even more so when you are feeling low or poorly. Take the long bath. Wash your hair. Put the face mask on. Light the candle. Watch the series (yes the whole series). Just do what makes you happy and feel better.

Remember, you are and should always be the most important person in your life. So, always put you first and make sure you are 100% first before you give to others.

Thanks for reading, see you next EmWinnWednesday, for another EmWinn blog!!

Lots of love,


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