How I find positivity in every situation..

Now, before I start. It isn’t always possible to find the positives in every situation. But, these are the things I try to do or sayings I try to remember to help me be more positive.

First things first. The classic. It is what it is, because guess what. It is infact what it is. Sometimes you cannot change situations, and you just have to be okay with what it is. Sometimes instead of being positive you just have to be okay with what is.

It’s okay. It’s okay if you cannot be positive right now. Never force a feeling or an emotion that is just not there. Life is all about balance. Whatever balance it may be. Balance in the happy and the sad. The positive and the negative. The good and the bad.

Always have gratitude, but never force it. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for in life, whether big or small. Whether materialistic or a feeling. There is ALWAYS something. It can be something that most people have but you are still grateful for, something you don’t necessarily be grateful for everyday but it is just there. A roof over your head. Food in the kitchen. A bed to sleep in at the end of a crappy day.

Knowing when to stop is always an important thing for me, especially when trying to be positive in life. You cannot be positive when you are burnt out or run down. Learn to listen to your body. When to rest, when to eat, when to stop and when to simply lay in bed and watch crap TV. Like I mentioned before, life if all about balance. Yes, be positive, but don’t force it and know when to close the door on life and when to take that time to rest, recharge and have time for you.

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Lots of love to you always,


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