My Christmas List this Year..

This is one of those blogs that I feel like have to be involved in Blogmas. I technically isn’t blogmas without you guys knowing what’s on my Christmas list this year. I also planned this very carefully! I have decided to post this blog on this day for a very special reason, so do my other half if you a reading this, you’ve got time! No, I am only joking I’m sure he will smash Christmas, like he normally does!

(None of these pictures are mine, but I wanted to have pictures to show what I mean)

Eco Cotton Pads. I really want to start helping the environment in many more ways than I already do, I think these will help so much as I am always putting on and removing make up for work.

Lush Lip Scrub. I mean I feel like if you don’t get a Christmas present from lush, whether it’s a bath bomb or something else, it’s not really Christmas, is it?

Dove Set. I am such a massive fan of the brand dove. It’s so kind on your skin and always smells so nice. I am never gonna say no to anything from Dove.

Bath Pillow. I love having a bath, but I have to be comfortable so this a no brainer.

Bath Shelf. On the topics of baths, I spend a lot of time in my baths, so need somewhere to put my movie.

Ordinary Set. I love this brand, and I feel like a set is a great way to try new products.

Ear Warmer. I think these look so cute, I love being warm, but do you ever wanna have warm ears with a cute high pony tail, because I know I do.

Turtle Ring for honu. I love Honu as a brand. They sell such cute items, and some of their profit goes to a great cause.

Mark Hil Hair Care Set. I love Mark Hill as a brand, it’s so good in my hair. It’s worked wonders for me.

Hope you loved this blog as much as I loved creating it! What are you wishing for Christmas this year??

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3 responses to “My Christmas List this Year..”

  1. envirolineblog avatar

    Eco cotton pads are by far the best present I got for Christmas last year! They are literally as good as new and I’ve almost had them for almost a year ❤ Also, yay for shop honu! I have a code if you want to get a discount, message me on insta if you want xx Loved this post 🙂

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    1. Thanks girl! I hope I get some! Yes girl, I will drop you a message after Christmas!💚

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      1. envirolineblog avatar

        🙂 x


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