My all time favourite Christmas make up look..

Most people would say the colour green or the colour red. They’re the colours you’d use if you were creating a Christmas eye make up look. But not me. I would use blue, now hear me out I know blue isn’t a Christmas colour as such, but with the right about of blue glitter, it really gives you an ice look. I honestly must think I am Elsa or something with the blue eye look!

The palettes I used were the darker blue colours in the James Charles palette (middle palette). The main blue bottom colour I used is from the EYN bright matte colour (left palette). For the top blue shimmer glitter colour I used the Makeup Obsession Randy Daydream palette (right palette). For the winged eyeliner look I used the Elf eyeliner.

If you have any other questions please feel free to comment them and I will get back to you! What colour eye make up do you do at Christmas time?

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