My December Goals and Plans..

I have never done this properly before. I am really considering making this a monthly thing for myself, whether I do it privately written in a notepad or as a public blog post every month, I’m not sure yet. Let me know what you think? Is this something you’d be interested in reading about? I absolutely love setting goals for myself, there is no better feeling than achieving a goal in life, it just fills you with such a warm felt feeling, especially when people are proud of you.

Thinking back to last year and me not setting any goals, but thinking about what I achieved anyway, does make me feel very happy and grateful. You may not be aware but I live away from home, to work in the entertainment industry so this does mean that I don’t get to see my family on Christmas Day as I will be working. I actually spend most of my December working. I love my job so it’s not an issue for me. December has to be one of my favourite time to work in the entertainment industry. We get to wear Christmas hats, work with the one and only Father Christmas. It’s such a happy jolly time of year.

One of my goals throughout this year, was to take on every opportunity thrown my way, and I have. In fact some of my favourite memories from this year have come from me saying yes to things in which I would usually turn down. I think this is definitely one goal that I am going to keep up throughout December.

Another goal I am going to have this is December, is to be in the most “christmasy” mood throughout this whole month. With everything that has happened this year, I think we need to appreciate this Christmas time so much more than any other Christmas. Let’s be jolly. Share the love. Everyone has had a crap year, so let’s have an amazing Christmas time as one, obviously from a distance.

My final goals for this December, is to love my job. Obviously, working away from home at this time of year can be sad. Working on Christmas Day can be sad. But, this year I am going to love and appreciate everyday. This year has been hard, it’s been unexpected. The entertainment industry has been closed for almost half of this year, therefore I am going to appreciate everyday, love every shift and be thankful that I actually am getting to work this Christmas time.

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    Good luck with all your goals for December! I hope this month will be our month.. I hope we can make the best out of it 🎄❤️

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