Morning Routine for Happiness…

I strongly believe if you start your day in a positive way, then you will have a positive day. The question is, how do I do that? Well, I have certain things in which I do to start my morning off in a positive way. These things work for me but may not work for others because everyone is different and that is okay, but the ideas are worth a try.

Time Management

I love waking up with loads of time to spare, there is nothing worse than rushing to get ready, it will make you stressed and will give you a negative start to the day. Remember, to stop and breathe. In fact, when you first open your eyes, don’t move a muscle, lay still, take a few breaths and relax before your day.

Manifest and Gratitude

With lots of time to spare it is great to use this time to journal your thoughts, to write down what you are grateful for in your life and to manifest what you want from the universe and want to achieve in life. I would love to do a whole post on journaling, let me know if this is something you are interested. When journalling I love to have a cup of coffee and really take my time without my phone.

Put Yourself in a Good Mood

Starting your day off in a happy way can only be done by doing things that make you happy such as listening to your favourite song while getting dressed, or catching up on your favourite programme while doing your hair and make up.

Make Your Bed

Start as you mean to go on. Making your bed when you wake up to start your day is like a “you can’t get back in, it’s time to get up”. Also, you will thank yourself when the day is over and you return home to a tidy room.

Natural Lighting

While getting ready, open the curtains. Let the natural light in, the same with making the bed it’s like a start to the day. It will help you wake up and come to realise that the day is starting. This can also be done through a morning walk as this will also get you fresh air.

If you are wanting to switch up your morning routine for better, make sure you download the “fabulous” app. I would 100% recommend it is great at slowly switching up your routine day by day for the better.

What do you do in your morning routine?

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