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  • Why is Spring so amazing? (Spiritual View)

    Why is Spring so amazing? (Spiritual View)

    Sunday was the first day of spring. I always love spring, every year. I am one of those people where I love to be warm rather than being cold. I am not a fan of being cold, so winter isn’t really my thing. So, the thought of spring is always a blessing. Why I love […]

  • Three Full Moon Rituals..

    You may or not be aware but tonight is a full moon and I decided that I would do a blog about the rituals that I perform when it’s a full moon. Firstly, there are two moons in which I perform rituals for, them being a new moon and a full moon. The difference being; […]

  • How I got into Spirituality and my top tips to get started….

    How I got into Spirituality and my top tips to get started….

    I recently asked my Instagram followers if they had any questions about spirituality. I decided as there were so many that I would blog about it all. So, this blog is me answering a few of the questions. As there were so many the questions will be answered in different parts across a few blogs. […]

  • February, Gratitude. March, Manifesting.

    Tomorrow is a fresh start, a new month, new goals. But, before we prep for a new month and make new goals, aspirations and manifestations we must look back on last month and recognise what we have already achieved and be grateful for them. What did I achieve in February? As February has been a […]

  • Honey, I’m home!

    You have probably been wondering where on earth I have been? The last time I posted a blog here was back in December before Christmas for my daily Blogmas posts. But, you’ll never guess what, I am back!!!! If I’m honest, posting a blog everyday made me very stressed out and made me fall out […]

  • Manifesting and Gratitude.

    I don’t really think a lot of people know what manifestation and gratitude are. Which is why I wanted to write this blog to share more information about the both of them, how to practice both activities and my perception on what the both of them are. I believe manifesting to the universe and practicing […]

  • Meaningful Quotes

    If you follow me on Instagram (emwinn_blog) you’ll know by now that I absolutely love a quote, so much so that I even say them in everyday life. You’ll be surprised how many times I say “living my best life” when something good happens to me. So, I decided it was only right of me […]

  • Spirituality.. What is it? What does it mean to me? How do I use it in everyday life?

    This blog is something I really want to post because not a lot of people know this about me? But at the same time something in which I am nervous to post about for the same reasons, as I don’t want negative opinions to affect my views. So as my mum would say, if you […]

  • Spiritual weekend away to Devon..

    Spiritual weekend away to Devon..

    This weekend is something I needed to happen, recently I have been far too comfortable with the routines of my life in fact I feel like I have just been stuck on loop of wake up, work, come home, sleep which at the end of the day is not how I wish to live my […]