Honey, I’m home!

You have probably been wondering where on earth I have been? The last time I posted a blog here was back in December before Christmas for my daily Blogmas posts. But, you’ll never guess what, I am back!!!!

If I’m honest, posting a blog everyday made me very stressed out and made me fall out of love with blogging. So I decided to take a well deserved break. I had no planned date to come back, but decided that when I was ready I would return, and now I am ready!

It has been almost two months since I posted my last blog, so let’s have a catch up. Firstly, due to COVID-19 I got to spend Christmas with my family for the first time in 5 years, as working away from home had made this not be able to happen, so please remember although Coronavirus is an awful thing, always look at the positives in life!

On Boxing Day, the country once again returned to a lockdown, so with that being the case I returned home with my family, and I have been home ever since and just like everyone else I am waiting for lockdown to be lifted so I can return to normal life, which for me is travelling back to West Sussex to continue working as a children’s entertainer.

What’s new?

Well, my lovelies, while being home, I decided to focus on building my Instagram and growing it to the extent I want it at. We are not there yet but everyday I am getting closer, and everyday it makes me so happy to see that I am helping people and inspiring others. My goal for the end of the year is to get 3K followers, I am already so close to 1.5K and it’s only February, so we are on the right track. (If you are interested in following my Instagram, find the link below..

https://www.instagram.com/emwinn_blog/ )

Also, if you read my blog back in December, you will have seen that I had posted a “2021 Goals” post and as we are 2 months in let’s have an update.. 

  1. Obviously being in lockdown has made it impossible for me to pass my driving test, so that’s a working process. But, it’s coming!
  2. YouTube. I wanted to start YouTube. And I can now say I have a YouTube channel! I did it! I took the leap, it was the best decision I ever made! It’s not as scary as you think you’ve just gotta do it! (You can find the link to my YouTube below… https://youtube.com/channel/UCUZhpfbmp6H8XGVKuVz2gSA )
  3. My final goal was to say yes to every opportunity, I mean there hasn’t been many opportunities within two months in a global pandemic, but I do believe I have done my best. I have recently paired with an influencer programme which was such a good decision! (The @ is in my Instagram bio, also please feel free to DM me on Instagram with any questions on this would love to help!) I have some amazing collaborations on Instagram coming up with some incredible small businesses. So, yes I do think saying “Yes” to every opportunity is already working within my favour!

What’s next?

Well, I am most definitely planning on keeping blogging full time. Although, I do think it is best that I only post a blog once a week, in order to keep the passion alive. I am going to be writing within more of my niche. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll know that my niche is mainly Self Love, Self Care, Positivity and Spirituality. So if this is something you are interested in the please, subscribe/follow for more.

Also, if you are interested in seeing my face a lot more then make sure to follow my Instagram, and subscribe to my YouTube. (Links are above!)

What’s coming up?

I am thinking about writing about my current hair care/skin care routine, doing more blogs on Spirituality and what I believe in, and writing about my favourite quotes and what they mean to me? Let me know what you think about these ideas, and what other blogs you’d want to see from me! 

I hope you are well in this crazy time! If you ever need to talk, my Instagram DMs are always open! You are never alone! 

Stay safe, lots of love always,


Meaningful Quotes

If you follow me on Instagram (emwinn_blog) you’ll know by now that I absolutely love a quote, so much so that I even say them in everyday life. You’ll be surprised how many times I say “living my best life” when something good happens to me. So, I decided it was only right of me to do a blog post on some of my favourites. If this is something that you enjoy and you’d want to know more of favourite quotes, then give this post some love and let me know in the comments.

“Everything Happens for a Reason.”

This is such a meaningful one for me because I honestly believe it so much! Everything does happen for a reason, everything from relationships, to dropping your ice cream on the floor. Everything has a meaning, a deeper meaning than what you think. The most amazing part about it is the fact that sometimes you just don’t know what it means until later on in life. Such as, relationships you may be with someone and break up. Why? Because you weren’t meant to be? But why were you together in the first place? Why did you “waste time in life”? Time is never wasted, because everything happens for a reason. That reason you’ll know one day, just not today. But there is always a reason such as they were a lesson that you need to learn, such as how to be treated or to teach you what you need in your final life partner. It will all make sense, it just may not make sense right now. But, one day it will.

“I cannot stress over things in which I cannot control.”

This is something I don’t say to myself enough, although I am getting better at it. On the other hand, my other half is very good at saying it to me when I am stressed, which I am very grateful for. If you are stressed about something. Stop. Think about it. What is it really that’s stressing you out? Oh right? Okay? And, what can I do about that to stop it stressing me out. Speak to someone? Get it sorted? Stop spending money, if it’s money problems? But, what about when there is nothing that can be done about it? Stop stressing about it. I cannot stress over things I cannot control, it’s someone else’s problem then, not mine? Or if you have to wait until 9am until the shop opens to get the problem resolved, wait. You cannot open a shop that is closed. If I cannot control the situation that is stressing me out, then I will not waste my energy on it.

“You didn’t come this far to only make it this far.”

Just stop for one second and think about how much you have already been through in your life, I can guarantee that you have been through a lot and it would have made you so much stronger. Think about how much you’ve already gone through to get where you are today, so why go though all of it to only get to where you are? Push yourself. See how far you can go. See how much you can achieve. Don’t regret something in your life because you were afraid of what might happen. Think about when you’re 80 years old, sat in your arm chair thinking “oh I wish I’d tried that” or “I wish I wasn’t so scared to have done that”. No flip it, imagine sitting there telling your grandchildren how much you achieved because you wasn’t afraid to step outside of your comfort zone! Take on every challenge. Chase every dream. You didn’t come this far, to only come this far. See how far you can go!