New Year Goals..

Most people will probably post this near to the end of December but I have decided to in cooperate mine into my blogmas. I personally think setting goals is one if the best things you can do in life, whether it’s for the week, the month or the year, a goal is a goal. Achieving a goal is one of the best feelings in the world.

I’ve decided to set three New Years resolutions for 2021..

My first resolution is to pass driving test, this is something I set out to achieve this year but due to the circumstances this obviously became very difficult due to them closing and the demand of them after. So this is definitely something I wish to achieve next year. I think if I took the test I would most definitely pass as I do think I’m ready. I think being able to drive would definitely make people a better person as I would have my own freedom.

My next resolution is abit of an odd one, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog I was very nervous to start blogging, but it was the best decision I ever decided to make. So, I think the next step in my blogging journey is to start YouTube. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages but have always been nervous to do, but I think it’s the next thing I need to do on this crazy journey of mine. It’s time to man up and get filming!

My final resolution is one that I have decided to keep on from this year. At the beginning of this year I decided to say yes to every opportunity that is thrown my way, this is one of the best decisions I have ever made it has given me the best opportunities and best memories from this year. Such as singing in stage, performing in shows, spending three months at home with my family and starting my blog. If you only set one resolution this year make it be saying yes to every opportunity given to you.

What are your goals for the new year?

Looking back on my year..

This year has been crazy for many people. I can fully agree with this statement, but for me it has brought more joy than sadness. Here are some of my favourite memories and moments that have really stood out to me this year.

I started this year with one of the best resolutions. I decided that every challenge that was thrown my way, I would say yes to. This is the best thing I have ever decided to do and something I will carry on into 2021, I would suggest that you guys would try to. Obviously, there are levels for this, if you don’t want to do something, you can say no. But, if something scares you, say yes, try it, you’ll probably not regret it. It has led me to some of the best opportunity this year. Such as singing on stage, acting a scientist in a live show, hosting a story time show and starting up my own blog!

You may have heard of the saying “every cloud has a silver lining”, this year has brought this quote to life for me. The news about coronavirus is obviously very upsetting and I wouldn’t wish anyone to have coronavirus. But, this news brought great news for me. Due to the coronavirus news, my work had to close which meant I got to travel home and spend the lockdown with my family. As I work away from home, I hardly ever get to go home to have family time, so three months at home was perfect for me.

This year having loads of time to spare I decided to learn a skill so I decided to take up rollerblading. Rollerblading is something I have always wanted to learn but have always pushed to the side because there is always something more important to do. I love rollerblading and am so happy that I decided to buy the blades and started to learn this year.

This year was obviously a slow and tough year, so when things had calmed down we decided to take a chilled holiday in Devon in September time. This break was so relaxing we decided to go glamping which amazing, we saw such beautiful views and waterfalls, it was such a eye opening holiday!

On my glamping holiday I decided to face my fears and start up my blog page. This decision was one of the best decisions I have ever decided to make. I was always so scared to put myself out there but like I said starting my blog was such a great decision and I’m so happy I did it. If you are thinking about doing something out of your comfort zone, do it! Since starting it up in September I have posted 157 times and gained 437 followers which is amazing! If you don’t follow me , go and check me out emwinn_blog on Instagram!

This year working in the entertainment industry was very difficult, and at some points we were closed and didn’t have a reopening date which was very scary. Buy, it did bring some great opportunities. Obviously, due to social distancing having a large amount of people in a venue was not aloud, so my work decided to build an outside stage to accommodate guests watching shows, in the summer holidays this was amazing because it was like a festival arena. I am very lucky to say that I got to perform this stage several times a week for seven weeks. This stage also held performances from some big names such as Diversity, and my personal favourite RakSu. I still cannot believe that I get paid to watch one of my favourite performers RakSu!

My last favourite memory of this year was very recent, it was finally getting my own pet fish and shrimp! I have wanted fish for ages but 5here was always a reason on why I couldn’t. But this year was the year that my boyfriend finally gave in, and I am now a proud fish mummy!

I understand that this year was unusual, it wasn’t what we planned it to be, but I honestly am such a big believer, in that the best memories are from plans that weren’t planned. When you plan things you expect certain expectations. When things aren’t planned you cannot expect a certain situation to happened so you are most likely to have the best memories. This year is what you made it, if you sat and moped about it wouldn’t have been the best but if you got up and had a purpose to have family time and learn a new skill then it’ll have probably been a pretty good year.

I would say I have enjoyed this year. I never planned to spend three months at home, or only worked half the year, but I made it what I could and I achieved everything I could have. I hope you 2020 wasn’t to awful and that you have taken away some amazing memories! Stay safe and make the world what you can! Love always x

My Christmas Day Plans..

For someone who works and has worked in the entertainment industry for the last four years my Christmas day is very different to other people’s Christmas days. Most people would be off work, sat with their family all day, spending time with them. But, for someone who works in a holiday park as a children’s entertainer, this is not the case.

My normal Christmas Day^^^

I actually wrote this blog at the beginning of the month with my plan about how I would spend my Christmas Day working. I then rewrote it a few weeks ago with the five day mixing restrictions in place about how my mum and sister were coming down and renting a cottage near buy, so I could work and see them.

Obviously since then the rules have since changed and with this happening my holiday camp has decided to close until the new year, most people have seen this news has very negative. But, every cloud has a silver lining. With my work being closed, they have advised that we leave and return for Christmas.

So, for the first time in five years I will get to spend Christmas with my family and for the first time in seven years I will get to spend Christmas day with my mum as I previously spent Christmas as my dads due to my baby brother living there.

My last Christmas at home^^

I cannot wait to spend Christmas time with my family and not have to work. Usually, I get up go to work then come home to relax. But, this year I am going to spend the whole day in my pjs on the sofa, cooking dinner with my mummy.

I hope you all make the most of this Christmas! Stay safe! Have the best time in which you can. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve Box Ideas..

My other half and I have decided to make Christmas Eve boxes for each other. I wanted to share ideas we have come up for each other so you can become inspired and create one for someone you know after this crazy year, or even treat yourself this Christmas.

Firstly, the boxes we have brought are from ASDA, but I’m sure you can find other ones from other places, or for a cheaper option is wrapping a cardboard box in some nice wrapping paper!

• Pyjamas

• Mini Board Game

• Sweets/ Snacks

• Christmas Movie

• Fluffy Socks

• Hot Water Bottle

• Hot Chocolate and Christmas Mug

• Mini Alcohol

• Christmas Candle

• Bauble

• Handmade Gift

• Slippers

• Soft Toy

Hope this inspires you to treat yourself or someone this Christmas Eve. What else would you put in a Christmas Eve box?

Kind Gestures at Christmas Time..

This blog I am very passionate about this year. When I am speaking about kindness in this blog, it isn’t something that you only perform at Christmas, or something that should only be used because the world has gone crazy. Kindness, is something that should always be used, in everyday life, no matter if you know someone or not. You never know what someone is going through in their life.

Picture from Pintrest..

1) I always believe when you see an old person out in public, you should always at least hello to them. The elderly, tend to go days without speaking to anyone, so you just smiling and greeting them, could make their day!

2) Smile. If you smile and someone doesn’t smile back, what’s the issue? Nothing. You’ve lost nothing, it doesn’t cost you to smile. A smile could change someone’s day. This year is abit tricky as masks are in the way. But, I believe if you smile properly, you can see it in the eyes and that’s better than nothing, if you ask me!

3) Help the homeless. Christmas can be hard at the best if timed for someone with a home and a family. Imagine you don’t have a home to spend Christmas, or a family to see. Your couple of pounds change form the shop, could you spare it to someone who has nothing? Could you afford a hot drink to someone who is sat in the cold 24 hours a day. Or give the change to a charity who will help people have a Christmas dinner this year!

If you do anything this Christmas, please just make a difference. Whether it’s to one persons life, five peoples life’s, or a hundred peoples life’s. Just make a difference, a differences is a no matter how big or small. Be kind. Stay safe. Share the love!

My Favourite Hot Chocolate..

Hot chocolate is one of my favourite things about the winter time. There is something about a warm drink in the cold, and I mean I love a tea or coffee but when it comes to hot chocolate there is such a variety.

Firstly, I need to talk about Costa and there amazing range that they realised this year.

I am not really a fan of the orange taste, but my other half is and he tried the Terry’s Orange Hot Chocolate, and said he loved it, so I’m just gonna take his word for it on that one. But, for myself as someone who loves After Eights, I can personally say that all I have drank for the past month is the Costa After Eight Hot Chocolate. It is amazing. It tastes so good, I could drink it all day everyday.

I also wanted to get some Hot Chocolate I could drink from home for a cheaper, so I decided to pop into Sainsbury’s.

They were all roughly about 30-40p each. I am personally a massive fan of options hot chocolates, and they’ve just realised a Salted Caramel one, and it tastes amazing!! Personally, hot chocolate isn’t as good without cream and marshmallows. I also like to have marshmallows under and top off the cream because I’m that extra!

What’s your favourite type off Hot Chocolate? How do you like yours cream, no cream? Marshmallows, no marshmallows? Do you add something I don’t? Inspire me with your hot chocolate ideas!

Christmas Nails..

Christmas nails is always something I have been such a fan off. I love any sort of nail art, and I love Christmas so mix the too together and I’m yours! My job only allows me to wear red nails, but for Christmas we are allowed to add some Christmas glitter, so I will add my nails this year. But, some of the other pictures are my nails from previous years, and others are some I’ve found on Pintrest that I love the look of!

2016 nails..
My nails this year..

Which one is these nail designs are your favourite? What nail style and colour have you gone for this year?

A Christmas Drive/ Walk..

What else is there to do at Christmas time when it’s dark? Obviously, you have to go and look at Christmas lights. Whether it’s walking or driving. Whether it’s with a Costa hot chocolate or one from home. Whether alone or with a friend, you can’t go wrong.

Do you enjoy looking a Christmas lights? Have you seen any amazing displays this year? What hot drink do you take with you.? Do you prefer to walk or drive?

My Christmas List this Year..

This is one of those blogs that I feel like have to be involved in Blogmas. I technically isn’t blogmas without you guys knowing what’s on my Christmas list this year. I also planned this very carefully! I have decided to post this blog on this day for a very special reason, so do my other half if you a reading this, you’ve got time! No, I am only joking I’m sure he will smash Christmas, like he normally does!

(None of these pictures are mine, but I wanted to have pictures to show what I mean)

Eco Cotton Pads. I really want to start helping the environment in many more ways than I already do, I think these will help so much as I am always putting on and removing make up for work.

Lush Lip Scrub. I mean I feel like if you don’t get a Christmas present from lush, whether it’s a bath bomb or something else, it’s not really Christmas, is it?

Dove Set. I am such a massive fan of the brand dove. It’s so kind on your skin and always smells so nice. I am never gonna say no to anything from Dove.

Bath Pillow. I love having a bath, but I have to be comfortable so this a no brainer.

Bath Shelf. On the topics of baths, I spend a lot of time in my baths, so need somewhere to put my movie.

Ordinary Set. I love this brand, and I feel like a set is a great way to try new products.

Ear Warmer. I think these look so cute, I love being warm, but do you ever wanna have warm ears with a cute high pony tail, because I know I do.

Turtle Ring for honu. I love Honu as a brand. They sell such cute items, and some of their profit goes to a great cause.

Mark Hil Hair Care Set. I love Mark Hill as a brand, it’s so good in my hair. It’s worked wonders for me.

Hope you loved this blog as much as I loved creating it! What are you wishing for Christmas this year??

Christmas Candles and Smells..

If you follow me on Instagram or have followed me on here for a while you’ll know how much I love candles, wax melts and everything like that. So, of course I have to do one based on Christmas smells for my Blogmas. I also have a very special announcement on how you can support a small business this year.

Firstly, let’s talk about Christmas smells first. What would you class as a Christmas smell? Gingerbread? Pine? Candy cane? Winter Berries? I have a found all of these smells, all for a decent price.

First I visited ASDA. Where I found a wide selection of candles and wax melts. But, only a few related to Christmas and Autumn.

I picked up one of each that I could find, so I could try them all. Sugar pine smells amazing and so does dancing leaves. I was very indecisive about picking up the warm apple ones because I don’t like apple pie, but I smelt it in the shop and it’s not like an apple pie smell, it’s more of an autumnal smell. I am also very extra, I use the gingerbread cookies as the tea light underneath the wax in the wax melt holder to make the smell so much more powerful.

Now, announcement time! I have kindly been gifted some beautiful wax melts from a small business which I found on Instagram. If you are not a wax melt person or do not own a wax melt burner then you can purchase a wax melt starter pack which includes three wax melts with a wax burner.

You can find waxinfustion on Instagram. Or you can search

I think these are amazing stocking fillers, or even a little extra gift if you are feeling nice, or why not treat yourself this Christmas! They also have noneChristmas smell ones that you can use all year round such as Bubblegum, Cappuccino, Fresh Linen and Lavender.

I mean you can’t go wrong for a couple quid, for something that looks and smells amazing, in beautiful packaging while supporting a small business in this crazy time. You can even use the code Emily10 for 10% off your order!

What are your favourite smells of Christmas? Finally, please make sure that you check out and use Emily10 for 10% off your order! Keep supporting small business in this crazy time!