My Winter Skincare Routine..

As the weather is getting colder, it’s getting harsher on our skin. Therefore, we need to step up our routines. But, at this time of year, I personally think less is more. Therefore I will only be using three products. Yes, THREE products.

The two main parts of keeping your skin clean in the winter period, personally in my opinion, is washing and keeping moisturised. You may, or may not have seen the recent hype (especially on tiktok) about cleaning your face with Dove bar soap.

The Dove soap is amazing if you haven’t tried it, definitely give it a go. It’s about £1 for two soaps. All you have to do it’s clean your face with it twice a day. I did this for about five days before I saw any results.

The other part of keeping your skin clean in the winter period other than washing your face, is to keep it moisturised. I would not suggest to mix up your moisturiser if you have got a good one already. My personal favourite is the Neutogena Refreshingly Clear Moisturiser. It smells amazing, like grapefruit to be exact and it feels so good on my skin.

I also feel like you cannot get through the winter months without a lip balm or you get super dry lips. My all time favourite lip product has to be the Classic Carmex, I just love the tingle feeling so much in the cold, it just feels like it’s actually working and is actually doing something for you.

It’s always good to keep up self care, so in the winter months it’s a good idea to adapt your self care around the colder weather. I love a face mask, but you want to be gentle to your skin at this time of year, so the face mask I tend to use the Revolution Feed Your Face Watermelon Mask. It’s so good at keeping your face hydrated. I would definitely recommend!

What are your favour skincare products in the colder months? Do you agree that less is more, or do use more products in the cold?

DIY Christmas Wreath

I actually believe that I made this wreath back in October. I created it to be an Autumnal Wreath, but all materials I bought could be used to make a Christmas Wreath. All products that I bought were from Hobbycraft, but you could find these items in other places such as Amazon, EBay etc…

I believe I spent just over £25, to make this whole wreath from scratch. I even bought a glue gun and hot glue in this price, so if you’ve already got craft items. It would work out a lot cheaper.

Wreath- £3.50

Pine Cones- £3

Moss- £2

Pepperberries- £3

Glitter Wire Butteflies- £3.50

Glue Gun- £5

Glue Sticks- £2

Fairy Lights- £3

Hook- £2

I hope this has inspired you. Once again, I made this wreath in October and it’s now December and it’s still going very strong. I have kept it inside at all times though. It definitely worth the money, it was so fun to create and I love the idea of the wreath so much more because I have made it myself. The plan is to keep it safe for next year as well.

Have you made a wreath this year? Where did you buy the craft items from? What style did you go for?

My all time favourite Christmas make up look..

Most people would say the colour green or the colour red. They’re the colours you’d use if you were creating a Christmas eye make up look. But not me. I would use blue, now hear me out I know blue isn’t a Christmas colour as such, but with the right about of blue glitter, it really gives you an ice look. I honestly must think I am Elsa or something with the blue eye look!

The palettes I used were the darker blue colours in the James Charles palette (middle palette). The main blue bottom colour I used is from the EYN bright matte colour (left palette). For the top blue shimmer glitter colour I used the Makeup Obsession Randy Daydream palette (right palette). For the winged eyeliner look I used the Elf eyeliner.

If you have any other questions please feel free to comment them and I will get back to you! What colour eye make up do you do at Christmas time?

My 10 Favourite Christmas Songs!

I don’t think I’m normal when it comes to Christmas songs. Most people would say Mariah Carey, Wham or Micheal Buble. Personally, I love a Christmas Pop Cover. Whether it’s Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Leona Lewis or Britney Spears. There is something about remake upbeat pop Christmas song for me. But these are just a few of my favourites…

1) My Only Wish (This Year)- Britney Spears

2) Santa Tell Me- Ariana Grande

3) Like it’s Christmas- Jonas Brothers

4) I’ll be home for Christmas- Meghan Trainor

5) Mistletoe- Justin Bieber

6) Here- Lukas Graham

7) Winter Wonderland/ Here comes Santa Claus- Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick

8) One More Sleep- Leona Lewis

9) Santa Baby- Ariana Grande

10) Last Christmas- Ariana Grande

What is your all time favourite Christmas song?

My 3 Favourite Christmas Films!

This is a similar blog to my favourite chocolate that I posted last Sunday. I really like the style of this blog, I feel like it’s quick and easy for me to write and quick and easy for you guys to read. Also it’s gives you guys the opportunity to get to know me.

1) Love Actually

This film is one of my all time favourite films, I think it’s just such a all time great film, that every time you watch you’ll love it! Also please, I wouldn’t say it’s classed a “sad film” but its such a tear jerker every time I watch it. If you have never seen this film you definitely need to give it a watch.

2) The Grinch

Now, this is an odd one, and I will probably get some hate for this, but I have never seen the original film, or if I have I don’t remember it at all. But, the remake that came out a few years back is such a great film. It makes me smile every time I watch it

3) Elf

Finally, coming in at 3rd place, it’s everyone’s favourite “elf”. I feel like if you don’t like this film then you are definitely a bit of a Scrooge. It’s such a funny happy film that will get you right in the Christmas spirit.

Other Christmas films I am definitely going to watch this December are Christmas Chronicles 2, The Holiday (if that classes as a Christmas Film), definitely going to have to watch the original Grinch this year too! What films would you say are your Christmas favourites, and what do you recommend me watching?

If you like this blog make sure you pop back tomorrow for the same kind of style, still Christmas themed, but something slightly different.

Why do I put my Christmas Decorations up so early?

The “usual” time to put a Christmas tree up is at the beginning of December for the Christmas period and some people even only put there tree up for the twelve days of Christmas. Some people go slightly early but I really push the boat out.

I love Christmas, it’s such a happy jolly time of year, so it’s something that I like to make the most of. Some may say for too long? I also love Halloween. So I like to take my Halloween stuff down and out my Christmas tree up straight away.

This year I believe I’m put my tree and decorations up on the 6th of November, but I’m sure last year I had it all up for the 1st/2nd of November.

Personally, I just think Christmas should be made the most of and especially this year after everything that has happened I believe this time should be longed out and be made as happy as possible.

When did you put your Christmas tree up? Is it up yet? What is your opinion on timing of Christmas decorations as has it changed this year after evening that has happened?

My December Goals and Plans..

I have never done this properly before. I am really considering making this a monthly thing for myself, whether I do it privately written in a notepad or as a public blog post every month, I’m not sure yet. Let me know what you think? Is this something you’d be interested in reading about? I absolutely love setting goals for myself, there is no better feeling than achieving a goal in life, it just fills you with such a warm felt feeling, especially when people are proud of you.

Thinking back to last year and me not setting any goals, but thinking about what I achieved anyway, does make me feel very happy and grateful. You may not be aware but I live away from home, to work in the entertainment industry so this does mean that I don’t get to see my family on Christmas Day as I will be working. I actually spend most of my December working. I love my job so it’s not an issue for me. December has to be one of my favourite time to work in the entertainment industry. We get to wear Christmas hats, work with the one and only Father Christmas. It’s such a happy jolly time of year.

One of my goals throughout this year, was to take on every opportunity thrown my way, and I have. In fact some of my favourite memories from this year have come from me saying yes to things in which I would usually turn down. I think this is definitely one goal that I am going to keep up throughout December.

Another goal I am going to have this is December, is to be in the most “christmasy” mood throughout this whole month. With everything that has happened this year, I think we need to appreciate this Christmas time so much more than any other Christmas. Let’s be jolly. Share the love. Everyone has had a crap year, so let’s have an amazing Christmas time as one, obviously from a distance.

My final goals for this December, is to love my job. Obviously, working away from home at this time of year can be sad. Working on Christmas Day can be sad. But, this year I am going to love and appreciate everyday. This year has been hard, it’s been unexpected. The entertainment industry has been closed for almost half of this year, therefore I am going to appreciate everyday, love every shift and be thankful that I actually am getting to work this Christmas time.

I’m taking part in Blogmas!!!

What is Blogmas?

Blogmas is a countdown to Christmas where you post holiday or Christmas themed posts until Christmas day. This can be done for 25 days (one each day of December before Christmas) or the 12 days of Christmas.

Why do Blogmas?

Blogmas is a chance to create more content over the Christmas period. I am such massive fan of Christmas, and I love everything to do with Christmas which is why I have decided to take part.

My Blogmas Plan…

I was going to post my actual Blogmas plan for this Christmas, but I do think I want to keep it a secret, as I don’t want to give too much away. But, I will give you some clues about what could be coming this month on my blog. I am going to be sharing some recipes, craft ideas, nails inspiration, and there could be blogs about my favourite things at Christmas time and maybe even my goals for the new year.

If you are interested, the please subscribe to my page. Also, you can check out my Instagram page which is emwinn_blog. Hope you enjoy my Blogmas as much as I do!

My Favourite Chocolate!

I think this may be my favourite sentence I have ever written… Happy National Chocolate Day! Well, as today is national chocolate day. I thought I would do a blog on my favourite five chocolates…

1) Lindt Linder Truffles. These are definitely my all time favourite chocolates, like how delicious is there chocolate in general? They also have so many different flavours! You cannot go wrong with a plain milk one. I think my absolute favourite Lindor Truffle has got to be the new Salted Caramel one. Salted Caramel has always been something I have loved and mixed with the Lindt Lindor it just hits different.

2) Daim. This is a tricky one for me, I know I love Daim. But do I prefer original Daim, or the milka one, or the Cadbury’s one? I love the original one dipped in my tea before bed. But, if I walked in the shop at work I would pick up the Cadbury one? Is it because it’s bigger, probably? Anyway, I’m going to put them both as my number two.

3) Caramel Nibbles. These are something I have loved for along time. These are the chocolate that if someone went in the shop for me, and I said I want some chocolate but I didn’t know what, they’d bring me theses. I’m a sucker for Caramel, normal caramel, salted caramel, caramel cappuccino, I love it all.

4) Mini Eggs. I was going to put these as my number one. But the fact that they only seem to be seasonal really let them down. But, when it’s Easter I could eat these like there is no tomorrow. They are honestly so “more-ish” I can never seem to stop!

5) Magic Stars. These are so simple, but such a good chocolate. One again, they’re so “more-ish” I could have intentions to only have a few but before I know it the whole bag is gone.

These are my favourite chocolates. What chocolate will you be eating this National Chocolate Day?

My Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep

This is my guide to a good nights sleep. I would personally say that I am very good at sleeping. I can actually sleep up to fourteen hours sometimes if I’m really feeling tired. I 95% of the time sleep through the night without waking up once, which I have to say is the best feeling in the world! This blog is to cover how to relax before bed, how to be comfortable and how I like to sleep…

An hour, or half an hour before bed, I like to settle down by setting the mood. I like to stop using my phone as much, in order to calm my mind before bed. The best way to have a good nights sleep in my opinion is to set the mood for bed time, this includes all the senses. The best way I like to set the mood is too make the room dark. I don’t like to have any big bright lights on, I have the room as dim as possible. I suggest candles and a lamp. I also think smells are a great way to set the mood for bed time, my favourite relaxing smell is lavender. You can use candles, wax melts, diffuser or incense.

Do something for you before bed. Something you love, but something calming. Have your favourite hot drink or snack, a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Whether you watch your favourite film, programme, or listen to your favourite podcast or music. Going to sleep in a good mood will encourage you to wake up in a good mood. I would also recommend being wise in what you’re watching or listening to. Watch something without to much adrenaline, fighting etc. This should be similar with your music taste before bed, try something relaxing, or acoustic rather than music that is too upbeat.

For a good nights sleep, you need to be comfortable. Think about what you are wearing, are your pyjamas comfortable? Are you too hot? Too cold? Make sure you are cosy. Everything from your mattress, to your duvet, to it’s cover, to pillows etc. Everyone sleeps in there own way. Some wear pyjamas, some don’t? Some wear socks some don’t? Some have two pillows, some have one? It completely up to you and your preference.

Personally, I sleep best with an eye mask on, it’s not to do with darkness but more to do with the pressure of the weight on my eyes. If you struggle to sleep and have never tried one, I would 100% recommend one. I was very sceptical at first as I thought I would wake up and think I couldn’t see, but that never happens.

A good night sleep for me, is sleeping on my left side facing the wall. Which is something I think helps me nodd off, as I cannot get distracted by things in my room. I also sleep better with a teddy fleece bedsheet on as I feel cosier and more comfortable. I am most comfortable with a pillow in between my legs, I don’t know why it’s just how I feel most comfortable.

I hope these tips and tricks help you get a good night sleeps. If you have any tips or tricks of your own then please let me know in the comments below, I would love to know!