Three Full Moon Rituals..

You may or not be aware but tonight is a full moon and I decided that I would do a blog about the rituals that I perform when it’s a full moon.

Firstly, there are two moons in which I perform rituals for, them being a new moon and a full moon. The difference being; new moons are for manifesting and bringing in things to your life and a full moon being for letting go and removing things from your life. I love a full moon as I love to get rid of things in which no longer serve me, whether people, things or ways of life.

Before, I get onto the rituals I want to mention that the full moon is one to definitely affect your mood so take everything with a pinch of salt over the next and last few days. You also may not feel yourself, whether you feel like you need to cry this is completely okay, just let it out, this is totally normal. Also, because of the moon affecting your mood, be careful and do not rush into any decisions over the next couple of days.

The first ritual and my main ritual in which I always perform is writing a list of things I want to get rid of from my life and then I burn the bit of paper in order to completely let go of everything on the paper. I feel like this completely helps me to let go of things in which no longer serve me as I’ve written them physically on paper and watched them burn away from my life.

Another ritual in which should always be done, is to put your crystals under the moon light, whether that’s on a windowsill or actually outside at one with earth. The moon is amazing at recharging and re-energizing your crystals and getting rid of all the negative and bad energy previously on them.

My final ritual in which I love to perform on a full moon is to create my own moon water. If you don’t know what moon water is. It’s basically normal tap water that you put in a container under the moon on a full moon which makes it moon water. It can be used for several things such as put into a spray bottle and sprayed onto your skin to revitalize your skin, or it can be drunk to revitalize your body.

I hope you enjoyed today’s Sunday read, I apologise that there was no blog last Sunday, I wasn’t very well and decided to take a whole day off of social media. I have a few more spiritual blogs lined up and may even do a blog on my new business in which I am starting up on Wednesday, if you are interested in finding more out about it, it is an online self care shop and the link to the Instagram is… and the link to my normal Instagram is . I hope you have a lovely rest of your evening and hope to see you next week.

Lots of love, stay safe,


February, Gratitude. March, Manifesting.

Tomorrow is a fresh start, a new month, new goals. But, before we prep for a new month and make new goals, aspirations and manifestations we must look back on last month and recognise what we have already achieved and be grateful for them.

What did I achieve in February?

As February has been a time for the weather getting warmer, I have been able to spend more time outside, which is something that makes me very happy! I have been walking near enough everyday and on one occasion even managed to walk over ten miles in a couple of hours. I have even started to pick up running which is something I have always pushed to the side because I’m too tired or am not feeling it. On several occasions I have even ran to my local park to do a morning workout, doing anything from ab crunches and squats. Exercise is something I don’t want to do but I absolutely love the feeling after a workout, so I am so proud of myself for pushing through and achieving this most days.

What am I grateful for?

I am grateful for so many things right now, such as due to the this pandemic and being advised to stay home, I had to return to my hometown to live with my mum and sister, which I don’t normally do. I have also been able to focus all my time on myself as there is literally nothing else to do. I have been able to work on my spirituality, my blog, my YouTube, my Instagram and all things that make me happy!

Now I have realised what I am already grateful for right now, I can make plans for the future of what I want to achieve..

What are my goals for March?

My goals for March are to keep up the fitness, and to still spent so much time outside as it’s my happy place. Ideally I would love to set a goal everyday to do 10,000 steps, but obviously everyone needs a rest day. This month I also want to book my driving test for after the pandemic so I can get it done and dusted and pass it sooner rather than later. I also want to keep saving at the rate I am because the more I safe the sooner I will get my own home!

What am I manifesting for March?

At the beginning of the year I did a tarot card reading for the whole year, where I get one card per each month of the year and my card that I received for March was a card implying that this month was going to bring change. So, I feel like my manifestations for this month are for the positive change to enter my life and make it better. I am manifesting for happiness and health for myself, family, friends and all around them.

I have absolutely loved making this blog. It’s made me so grateful for things in my life right now, even though things are crazy right now, there is always something to be grateful for. It’s also made me so motivated to achieve my goals. I would love to know what you are grateful for right now and what you are manifesting for the month of March?

Let me know if you enjoyed this type of blog, as I can make it a monthly thing? Also, I have recently posted a “February Favourites” YouTube video all about my favourite purchases from February. If you are interested in taking a look please click the link below..

Make sure to take for yourself some time soon and realise what you are grateful for right now in this crazy world. Also, make sure to make some sort of goals for the next month to keep you motivated, even if it’s just making your bed everyday.

Please stay safe,

Lots of love,


Spirituality.. What is it? What does it mean to me? How do I use it in everyday life?

This blog is something I really want to post because not a lot of people know this about me? But at the same time something in which I am nervous to post about for the same reasons, as I don’t want negative opinions to affect my views. So as my mum would say, if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

Firstly, what is spirituality? According to the dictionary, “spirituality is the recognition of feeling or sense or belief that there is something greater than myself, something more to being human than sensory experience”. All of the below is my own opinion and it may differ from others. Spirituality is always something in which I knew I have had a passion or an interest in, but have always wanted more from, like I felt like something was missing. Like what even is spirituality? How do i become “spiritual”? How do I practice it? What do I need to be spiritual? 

To me, it is being at one with spirit, believing there is more to life, not like believing in a God necessarily, but believing that there is someone or something around us. I am a very strong believer, in everything happens for a reason. But, think about it, why does it? How does it? Because someone is around, spirit and angels are around. There is a plan for us, everything is always happening for a reason, I am learning lessons throughout my life to make me a better person. 

I don’t believe spirituality is something that needs to be practiced but is something that you use in everyday life, it’s the way you look at life, it’s like being at peace with the world. I also believe that nothing materialistic is needed to be spiritual but it can sure help you feel more spiritual. I would love to do a separate post on things I own which are spiritual. Let me know if this is something you’d like to see???🦋🌻😇

Comment below on what you think spirituality is and what you do to be more spiritual, I would love to know!!!⬇️

Spiritual weekend away to Devon..

This weekend is something I needed to happen, recently I have been far too comfortable with the routines of my life in fact I feel like I have just been stuck on loop of wake up, work, come home, sleep which at the end of the day is not how I wish to live my life.

My friends and I booked this holiday a month back as we wanted a holiday together but of course, COVID-19 stopped us from going abroad so we thought we would do “glamping” in Devon. Upon arrival to our “glamp site” in the middle of no where, we realised that we didn’t have nice showers or toilets but in fact there were “portaloos”, the lights also decided they weren’t working and the fire was a challenge to say the least, after a good hour of trying a gentleman kindly came and helped us, then we finally had a fire burning. With this in mind my “everything happens for a reason” quote kicked in and thought this is a challenge that I am willing to take on. Still with no lights we decided to light some candles and sit around them, I can honestly say it was such an amazing setting and something I might do more at home.

Being the spontaneous lot that we were this holiday we decided to go with the flow, the first day we went to a town for a little bit of shopping and brunch. After this we made our way to another town but one in which was a “seaside town” where we spent our afternoon looking at waterfalls and sitting by the sea. While enjoying this day we decided to book the zoo for the following day to give us something to do. Once again as spontaneous as we are, we decided following on from our trip to the zoo that we would visit the local reservoir to go for a dip.

I can honestly say that this holiday was the most eye opening journey ever, I’ve learnt about living with what you’ve got, such as a bag of wood, some matches, no light, no phones but some candles, great company, deep conversations and a warm fire. It’s not the situation your are in, it’s the way you look at it. Some could say I was cold, in the dark, in the middle of no where, with cows mooing. I say I had a warm fire, beautiful candle light, the sound of nature, great conversation with great company🥰

It’s the way you look at life🦋😇