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  • How I find positivity in every situation..

    How I find positivity in every situation..

    Now, before I start. It isn’t always possible to find the positives in every situation. But, these are the things I try to do or sayings I try to remember to help me be more positive. First things first. The classic. It is what it is, because guess what. It is infact what it is. […]

  • Let’s talk motivation…

    Let’s talk motivation…

    Do you ever struggle with motivation? It’s something that is either easy to you or you really struggle with? Or for me, I have really productive days and then days where I really struggle to do anything. So, I thought I would give you my top three tips to getting sh*t done. Three tips for […]

  • Let’s talk, achieving your dreams…

    Let’s talk, achieving your dreams…

    It’s more than possible. You absolutely can. Will it be easy, no. But, a lot of hard work, self discipline and determination, you’ll get there. I class myself as a dreamer. I have a lot of things I want to achieve. I am always dreaming of the next thing I can do and I wont […]

  • February, Gratitude. March, Manifesting.

    Tomorrow is a fresh start, a new month, new goals. But, before we prep for a new month and make new goals, aspirations and manifestations we must look back on last month and recognise what we have already achieved and be grateful for them. What did I achieve in February? As February has been a […]

  • Kind Gestures at Christmas Time..

    This blog I am very passionate about this year. When I am speaking about kindness in this blog, it isn’t something that you only perform at Christmas, or something that should only be used because the world has gone crazy. Kindness, is something that should always be used, in everyday life, no matter if you […]

  • A Healthy Relationship..

    As today is my four year anniversary with my other half, I decided to do something a little different and do a post on relationships. I wanted to do a small blog on what I think the top three things needed in a healthy relationship are. 1) Friendship. Personally I think there is no relationship […]

  • Manifesting and Gratitude.

    I don’t really think a lot of people know what manifestation and gratitude are. Which is why I wanted to write this blog to share more information about the both of them, how to practice both activities and my perception on what the both of them are. I believe manifesting to the universe and practicing […]

  • Morning Routine for Happiness…

    I strongly believe if you start your day in a positive way, then you will have a positive day. The question is, how do I do that? Well, I have certain things in which I do to start my morning off in a positive way. These things work for me but may not work for […]

  • Meaningful Quotes

    If you follow me on Instagram (emwinn_blog) you’ll know by now that I absolutely love a quote, so much so that I even say them in everyday life. You’ll be surprised how many times I say “living my best life” when something good happens to me. So, I decided it was only right of me […]