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  • March Rundown & April Goals…

    March Rundown & April Goals…

    April starts on Thursday. Firstly, can you even believe it? I feel like March only started last week? I feel like March has been good, a lot has happened. I performed in my first ever dance show, and it was incredible. I put so much time and effort into it. There was a lot of […]

  • Why is Spring so amazing? (Spiritual View)

    Why is Spring so amazing? (Spiritual View)

    Sunday was the first day of spring. I always love spring, every year. I am one of those people where I love to be warm rather than being cold. I am not a fan of being cold, so winter isn’t really my thing. So, the thought of spring is always a blessing. Why I love […]

  • I’m a Blogtober Failure…

    I’m a Blogtober Failure…

    I’m a Blogtober Failure, and that’s okay. There isn’t much to say on this front other than I tried and failed. I mean I know what I need to do to not fail next time and that’s make sure I have written all the blogs and have them scheduled in advance because work and life […]

  • It’s my Blog Birthday!🍾🎉

    Yes, it’s been a whole year since I created this account & posted my very first introduction post! I cannot believe how far it has come from a year ago today! I often sit & think about where I want to be, such as reaching 3K followers on Instagram & I wanting to be known […]

  • Where have I been?? (Again)

    You know me by now, I’m here and then I’m not. I’m not going to lie. There is absolutely no reason about where I have been or why I haven’t been blogging other than life took over again. Which is okay may I add. It is totally normal for you to get knocked of track, […]

  • Honey, I’m home!

    You have probably been wondering where on earth I have been? The last time I posted a blog here was back in December before Christmas for my daily Blogmas posts. But, you’ll never guess what, I am back!!!! If I’m honest, posting a blog everyday made me very stressed out and made me fall out […]

  • Welcome to the emwinn_blog website!

    Hi, I am emwinn_blog. Also known as, Emily or Em. I am 22 and from Northampton but currently live in West Sussex for work. I blog to encourage others to live a more positive life. I post a new blog every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm (UK time). But, as it’s December I of course […]

  • Blog Website..

    Hello my lovlies, as you can read from my first ever blog post, I wanted to create a blog so I can share with people all about positivity to inspire others to have a happy life. I originally tried to do this through Instagram but they have a limit on word count and I felt […]

  • New Blog Announcement..

    I have always wanted to create some sort of page to share positivity to inspire others so have always created pages without my name involved because I was worried in what others would think. But enough is enough, it’s time to step outside of my comfort zone and do what I want. This is a […]