Autumnal Day!

Last Friday, I had a day off and as summer is now over and September is here, It’s now fall, right? It’s now autumn, right? So with that being the case, my other half and I decided that we would spend the day having a “Autumnal Day”.

As it’s Autumn and the most exciting thing about Autumn is Halloween. We decided to go and pick some pumpkins (early i know) of course my boyfriend being the child he is, had to get the biggest pumpkin (see picture🙄).. While being there we decided to pick some Raspberries and Corn on the Cobs, honestly it was so satisfying and therapeutic. I would 1000% recommend RoundStone Farm to anyone. It was a lovely afternoon, it’s a very good size farm for a lovely walk. It was very cheap, we got a box of raspberries, three big corn on the cobs, a HUMONGOUS pumpkin, a normal pumpkin and two small indoor pumpkins all for £11, which we were not expecting we thought that the extremely large pumpkin would come to well over that itself.

After watching Stacey Solomon’s Instagram stories last week, she inspired me to do some autumnal crafts, so with this in mind we decided to take a trip to HobbyCraft. I don’t want to say too much on this as I want to save this for another post. But I will say that they are very stocked up for autumn, Halloween and Christmas! There will be another blog coming soon on my Autumnal craft project.

Finally, we finished off our Autumnal trip at the local garden centre, can I just point out that it is September and the garden centre was full of christmas decor and I LOVED IT! I don’t know about anyone else but I love an early seasonal festivity. Of course, an autumnal/winter trip to the garden centre is not complete without a hot chocolate, with lots of cream, marshmellows and a caramel shortbread.

What have you done/going to do that’s autumnal this fall? What is your favourite autumnal drink? What’s your favourite thing about autumn??🍁🕸🎃

I’ve booked DisneyLand!!

I’ve booked DisneyLand Paris!! 49 Days and counting!!🐭❤️

Firstly, I’m obviously aware that when travelling to France I will have to quarantine on my return for two weeks, but it is something I am willing to do to see Mickey Mouse🤷🏽‍♀️ But, for some reason I feel safer about going there than I am about going to other places. I have watched vlogs on YouTube about the amazing lengths DisneyLand are going to in order for their guests and team to stay safe, one being that they have reduced the capacity of the park so that everyone can socially distance at all times, or that you have to wear your face masks at all times in the park even if outside in open air. The only time you can remove your face mask is when you are sitting down, eating or drinking at a table, which for me is something I’m absolutely okay with. If I am honest I am absolutely fine to have a picture with Winnie The Pooh with a yellow face mask on.

I am genuinely so excited to go to DisneyLand Paris, I’ve been the last two years in the Christmas period and it has always been so magical and got me so excited and ready for Christmas, I just hope it will be as magical this year. I also understand that certain aspects of Disney will be different this year, such as there will be no firework displays or parades due to too many people being in a certain area. But, I also realise that Disney has come up with amazing ways to keep the magic alive such as characters riding on carriages on main street.

I cannot wait to visit DisneyLand Paris this November. That being said I am aware with everything going on in the world that my trip may have to be cancelled or postponed. DisneyLand Paris (and Eurostar) are really making everyone feel very comfortable when booking their trips, for instance I can reschedule, or cancel my holiday with a full refund upto 7 days before I travel. If I do cancel my holiday then Eurostar will refund my money onto a voucher which I can use within a year.

Hopefully we are through the worst of Covid-19, and I will be able to visit Disneyland Paris! If so, keep your eyes peeled this November post Disney visit for a blog on my DisneyLand Paris experience🎄🏰🐭🇫🇷

(Photo- Nov2019)

Spiritual weekend away to Devon..

This weekend is something I needed to happen, recently I have been far too comfortable with the routines of my life in fact I feel like I have just been stuck on loop of wake up, work, come home, sleep which at the end of the day is not how I wish to live my life.

My friends and I booked this holiday a month back as we wanted a holiday together but of course, COVID-19 stopped us from going abroad so we thought we would do “glamping” in Devon. Upon arrival to our “glamp site” in the middle of no where, we realised that we didn’t have nice showers or toilets but in fact there were “portaloos”, the lights also decided they weren’t working and the fire was a challenge to say the least, after a good hour of trying a gentleman kindly came and helped us, then we finally had a fire burning. With this in mind my “everything happens for a reason” quote kicked in and thought this is a challenge that I am willing to take on. Still with no lights we decided to light some candles and sit around them, I can honestly say it was such an amazing setting and something I might do more at home.

Being the spontaneous lot that we were this holiday we decided to go with the flow, the first day we went to a town for a little bit of shopping and brunch. After this we made our way to another town but one in which was a “seaside town” where we spent our afternoon looking at waterfalls and sitting by the sea. While enjoying this day we decided to book the zoo for the following day to give us something to do. Once again as spontaneous as we are, we decided following on from our trip to the zoo that we would visit the local reservoir to go for a dip.

I can honestly say that this holiday was the most eye opening journey ever, I’ve learnt about living with what you’ve got, such as a bag of wood, some matches, no light, no phones but some candles, great company, deep conversations and a warm fire. It’s not the situation your are in, it’s the way you look at it. Some could say I was cold, in the dark, in the middle of no where, with cows mooing. I say I had a warm fire, beautiful candle light, the sound of nature, great conversation with great company🥰

It’s the way you look at life🦋😇