My Christmas Wrapping this year!

I’ve had a few comments from posting pictures if my tree this year, that people like may wrapping paper and wanted to know where it was from? So, I decided as it’s Christmas themed that I would add it to my Blogmas!

This is the style I’ve gone for and can I just say I love it! I feel like it’s simple but looks amazing! I love the fact that the one role can be used for anyone, young children to grandparents, any gender. I also love the sharpie pen on the paper I feel like it’s clear to see who it’s address for so no mix ups.

My favourite part of this has to be the wrapping paper and not just because of being the main part but because of how amazing it really is. So, first on the wrapping paper is only £2.50 for 8 metres of roll at Sainsbury’s. It also comes in a the deal of 3 for 2 at most of the Sainsbury’s stores! And lastly, it is eco friendly, it’s been made from recycled paper and can be recycled after use which is always an amazing thing!

I feel like in this world, you’re either a silver person, a gold person or a rose gold person. I am definitely a silver person, hence why I decided to step my wrapping up with this Bow and Ribbon pack in silver. Also, in the 3 for 2 deal at Sainsbury’s!

What wrapping have you gone with this year? What do you think of the style I have gone for?

A Festive Day Out..

As Christmas is approaching, it’s always good to get in the festive mood. I wanted to share with you my favourite festive day out, that you can still do in this pandemic!

Personally, I think the most Christmas place at Christmas is a garden centre. My favourite thing to do for a festive day out is to visit a garden centre and look at all the Christmas decorations. The best part about this day out, is if you go to a garden centre with a cafe instead (Costa etc) and you can finish the day with a nice hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

I love this day out because you can near enough do this day out with anyone, whether family, friends or partner, obviously with the certain restrictions at the minute make sure you a following government guidelines with social distancing and mixing of households.

What do you do as a festive day out? I’d love to know to be inspired!

Christmas Cookies Recipe..

Recently I decided to make so Christmas cookies and they tasted amazing, so I thought I would share the recipe with you! I love Christmas and I love food. So, what is better than Christmas food?


125g of softened butter

75g brown sugar

75g caster sugar

1 egg

1 teaspoons of Vanilla Extract

280g of Plain Flour


1) Heat the oven to 190°c.

2) Cream the butter and both sugars until fluffy.

3) Beat the egg, add the vanilla and add it to the butter and sugar mix.

4) Stir in the flour to make a dough.

5) Put dough in the fridge to chill for a few hours.

6) On a floured surface, roll the dough out. Use cookie cutters to cut biscuits. Re-roll the trimmings until all dough is used.

7) Put biscuits onto baking trays and bake for around 8-10 mins or until slightly golden, then leave to cool.

8) To make icing, mix butter and icing sugar together to make creamy icing. Add food colouring if wanted. To make Lotus sauce icing sugar, just add the sauce to the icing mix. Add decorations/edible glitter as and if you please.

Hope this inspires you this Christmas, let me know if you use this recipe and how you get on!

My 5 favourite things about Christmas!

As blogmas is all about Christmas, I thought it was only right that I lost my favourite things about Christmas. So, let’s get into it…

1) My all time favourite thing about Christmas has to be the cosy feeling. I love coming home, when it’s dark and putting my pyjamas on. I love the fairy lights, watching christmas films. When it’s cold outside and you snuggle up under the duvet with a hot chocolate or cup of tea.

2) Gift buying for people. I love shopping and Christmas shopping is the best, I love my family and I love buying nice things for them. So, this is the perfect excuse to spoil them! I love the feeling when someone you love opens a Christmas present that they wanted, that feeling is priceless.

3) Everyone seems to be in a good mood, everyone is so jolly and happy. I feel like I can say hello to everyone in the street. You also get so much family time time. Christmas is just great at bring people together.

4) The streets are lit up, there is nothing better than going for a drive at nighttime and seeing the houses all lit up and ready for Christmas, it just puts such a smile on my face! Especially, when you have a festive hot chocolate in your hand. I love the excuse to drink your weight in hot chocolate at Christmas time. Everywhere seems to get fancy hot chocolate whether it’s McDonald’s, Costa or Starbucks.

5) Wrapping presents. I love wrapping presents, I love to wait until it’s dark outside, close the curtains, but the Christmas tree lights on and all the twinkley lights in my room, put a Christmas film on and wrap the presents in my pyjamas. I love wrapping so much that I wrap my boyfriends presents for his family too.

What are your favourite things about Christmas?

My Christmas Tree Tour..

When you think of a Christmas, what do you think of? When you think of a Christmas item, what do you think of? A Christmas tree! So, I thought as I am taking part in blogmas, it’s only right that I show you what’s on my Christmas tree!

My Christmas Tree I’ve had since the 2016 Christmas, so this is my fifth year having this tree. I was 18 when I bought it for my first Christmas away from home. I wanted something cheap, to last the year. I bought this tree from B&M for around £17. It’s lasted me so well and it’s been amazing at Judy doing the job. The lights and basic gold and red baubles are also from B&M and were only cheap.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I definitely have favourite meaningful baubles, and I just thought I’d like to share them with you. So, here are my top 3 favourite baubles…

1) The Aristocats. This one is definitely my favourite. I think it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s glass and just so cute. I am a massive Marie from The Aristocats fan, so I thought it was only right to own something with the other two kittens on, Toulouse and Berlioz.

2) Ollie and Emily’s First Christmas. This one is definitely more meaningful to me. My other half bought me this for our first Christmas together back in 2016, it’s been something that we love putting on the tree every year, it’s just so special to me, and I hope we put it on our trees for many more years to come, hopefully one day in our own home.

3) DisneyLand Paris 2019. This one is also very meaningful. My partner got me this from DisneyLand Paris, and had it engraved with our initials and “DLP” (DisneyLand Paris). DisneyLand is one of my favourite places, Christmas is one of my favourite times and Ollie is one of my favourite people, so it really does make me very happy!

As you can see under my tree, I have gone all out with my wrapping this year. I’m thinking on doing a little blog on Christmas wrapping, is this something you’d be interested in?

My Winter Skincare Routine..

As the weather is getting colder, it’s getting harsher on our skin. Therefore, we need to step up our routines. But, at this time of year, I personally think less is more. Therefore I will only be using three products. Yes, THREE products.

The two main parts of keeping your skin clean in the winter period, personally in my opinion, is washing and keeping moisturised. You may, or may not have seen the recent hype (especially on tiktok) about cleaning your face with Dove bar soap.

The Dove soap is amazing if you haven’t tried it, definitely give it a go. It’s about £1 for two soaps. All you have to do it’s clean your face with it twice a day. I did this for about five days before I saw any results.

The other part of keeping your skin clean in the winter period other than washing your face, is to keep it moisturised. I would not suggest to mix up your moisturiser if you have got a good one already. My personal favourite is the Neutogena Refreshingly Clear Moisturiser. It smells amazing, like grapefruit to be exact and it feels so good on my skin.

I also feel like you cannot get through the winter months without a lip balm or you get super dry lips. My all time favourite lip product has to be the Classic Carmex, I just love the tingle feeling so much in the cold, it just feels like it’s actually working and is actually doing something for you.

It’s always good to keep up self care, so in the winter months it’s a good idea to adapt your self care around the colder weather. I love a face mask, but you want to be gentle to your skin at this time of year, so the face mask I tend to use the Revolution Feed Your Face Watermelon Mask. It’s so good at keeping your face hydrated. I would definitely recommend!

What are your favour skincare products in the colder months? Do you agree that less is more, or do use more products in the cold?

DIY Christmas Wreath

I actually believe that I made this wreath back in October. I created it to be an Autumnal Wreath, but all materials I bought could be used to make a Christmas Wreath. All products that I bought were from Hobbycraft, but you could find these items in other places such as Amazon, EBay etc…

I believe I spent just over £25, to make this whole wreath from scratch. I even bought a glue gun and hot glue in this price, so if you’ve already got craft items. It would work out a lot cheaper.

Wreath- £3.50

Pine Cones- £3

Moss- £2

Pepperberries- £3

Glitter Wire Butteflies- £3.50

Glue Gun- £5

Glue Sticks- £2

Fairy Lights- £3

Hook- £2

I hope this has inspired you. Once again, I made this wreath in October and it’s now December and it’s still going very strong. I have kept it inside at all times though. It definitely worth the money, it was so fun to create and I love the idea of the wreath so much more because I have made it myself. The plan is to keep it safe for next year as well.

Have you made a wreath this year? Where did you buy the craft items from? What style did you go for?

My all time favourite Christmas make up look..

Most people would say the colour green or the colour red. They’re the colours you’d use if you were creating a Christmas eye make up look. But not me. I would use blue, now hear me out I know blue isn’t a Christmas colour as such, but with the right about of blue glitter, it really gives you an ice look. I honestly must think I am Elsa or something with the blue eye look!

The palettes I used were the darker blue colours in the James Charles palette (middle palette). The main blue bottom colour I used is from the EYN bright matte colour (left palette). For the top blue shimmer glitter colour I used the Makeup Obsession Randy Daydream palette (right palette). For the winged eyeliner look I used the Elf eyeliner.

If you have any other questions please feel free to comment them and I will get back to you! What colour eye make up do you do at Christmas time?

My December Goals and Plans..

I have never done this properly before. I am really considering making this a monthly thing for myself, whether I do it privately written in a notepad or as a public blog post every month, I’m not sure yet. Let me know what you think? Is this something you’d be interested in reading about? I absolutely love setting goals for myself, there is no better feeling than achieving a goal in life, it just fills you with such a warm felt feeling, especially when people are proud of you.

Thinking back to last year and me not setting any goals, but thinking about what I achieved anyway, does make me feel very happy and grateful. You may not be aware but I live away from home, to work in the entertainment industry so this does mean that I don’t get to see my family on Christmas Day as I will be working. I actually spend most of my December working. I love my job so it’s not an issue for me. December has to be one of my favourite time to work in the entertainment industry. We get to wear Christmas hats, work with the one and only Father Christmas. It’s such a happy jolly time of year.

One of my goals throughout this year, was to take on every opportunity thrown my way, and I have. In fact some of my favourite memories from this year have come from me saying yes to things in which I would usually turn down. I think this is definitely one goal that I am going to keep up throughout December.

Another goal I am going to have this is December, is to be in the most “christmasy” mood throughout this whole month. With everything that has happened this year, I think we need to appreciate this Christmas time so much more than any other Christmas. Let’s be jolly. Share the love. Everyone has had a crap year, so let’s have an amazing Christmas time as one, obviously from a distance.

My final goals for this December, is to love my job. Obviously, working away from home at this time of year can be sad. Working on Christmas Day can be sad. But, this year I am going to love and appreciate everyday. This year has been hard, it’s been unexpected. The entertainment industry has been closed for almost half of this year, therefore I am going to appreciate everyday, love every shift and be thankful that I actually am getting to work this Christmas time.

I’m taking part in Blogmas!!!

What is Blogmas?

Blogmas is a countdown to Christmas where you post holiday or Christmas themed posts until Christmas day. This can be done for 25 days (one each day of December before Christmas) or the 12 days of Christmas.

Why do Blogmas?

Blogmas is a chance to create more content over the Christmas period. I am such massive fan of Christmas, and I love everything to do with Christmas which is why I have decided to take part.

My Blogmas Plan…

I was going to post my actual Blogmas plan for this Christmas, but I do think I want to keep it a secret, as I don’t want to give too much away. But, I will give you some clues about what could be coming this month on my blog. I am going to be sharing some recipes, craft ideas, nails inspiration, and there could be blogs about my favourite things at Christmas time and maybe even my goals for the new year.

If you are interested, the please subscribe to my page. Also, you can check out my Instagram page which is emwinn_blog. Hope you enjoy my Blogmas as much as I do!