Three Full Moon Rituals..

You may or not be aware but tonight is a full moon and I decided that I would do a blog about the rituals that I perform when it’s a full moon. Firstly, there are two moons in which I perform rituals for, them being a new moon and a full moon. The difference being; […]

No Self Care? No excuse.

When you think of self care. What do you think of? Face masks? Candle lit bath? Spa weekend away? Yes, you are correct BUT this is only one way of 6 different types of self care. You can always take time for self care. So, let me tell you all 6 types of self care […]

Five Lockdown Tips…

Although lockdown is coming to an end, I thought I would write a little blog on how I am staying sane in this crazy time. 1) My first biggest tip in order to staying sane, in this crazy time is to have a routine. A routine is literally the only thing keeping me going. I […]

February, Gratitude. March, Manifesting.

Tomorrow is a fresh start, a new month, new goals. But, before we prep for a new month and make new goals, aspirations and manifestations we must look back on last month and recognise what we have already achieved and be grateful for them. What did I achieve in February? As February has been a […]

Honey, I’m home!

You have probably been wondering where on earth I have been? The last time I posted a blog here was back in December before Christmas for my daily Blogmas posts. But, you’ll never guess what, I am back!!!! If I’m honest, posting a blog everyday made me very stressed out and made me fall out […]

New Year Goals..

Most people will probably post this near to the end of December but I have decided to in cooperate mine into my blogmas. I personally think setting goals is one if the best things you can do in life, whether it’s for the week, the month or the year, a goal is a goal. Achieving […]

Looking back on my year..

This year has been crazy for many people. I can fully agree with this statement, but for me it has brought more joy than sadness. Here are some of my favourite memories and moments that have really stood out to me this year. I started this year with one of the best resolutions. I decided […]

My Christmas Day Plans..

For someone who works and has worked in the entertainment industry for the last four years my Christmas day is very different to other people’s Christmas days. Most people would be off work, sat with their family all day, spending time with them. But, for someone who works in a holiday park as a children’s […]

Christmas Eve Box Ideas..

My other half and I have decided to make Christmas Eve boxes for each other. I wanted to share ideas we have come up for each other so you can become inspired and create one for someone you know after this crazy year, or even treat yourself this Christmas. Firstly, the boxes we have brought […]

Kind Gestures at Christmas Time..

This blog I am very passionate about this year. When I am speaking about kindness in this blog, it isn’t something that you only perform at Christmas, or something that should only be used because the world has gone crazy. Kindness, is something that should always be used, in everyday life, no matter if you […]


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