Halloween Lush Haul…

This year I actually haven’t actually managed to get down to the Lush shop, so I have decided to rate there five Halloween bath bombs. Based on scent described in their description, and the pictures on the website.

  1. Ghostie- Blue & purple inside. Lemongrass, siclilian lemon and persian lime oils for scent. The cheapest bath bomb they have for only £4.50. I love that it’s white on the outside and then when in the bath, it releases blue and purple colours. Also, I am a sucker for lemon and lime scents.

2. Screamo- Blue inside. Cherry almond scent. £5 in price. I think this one looks cool, and looks like the blue comes out very strong in the bath. Not a bad price.

3. Bat Art- Purple & blue inside. Rosemary and sage scent £5. I think this one look really cool and considering it’s a dark black colour on the outside, I find it amazing that lighter colours like blue and purple release.

4. Punkin Pumpkin- Vibrant orange inside. Cinnamon, orange and lime scent. £5 in price. I believe I bought this one last year, but didn’t manage to use it. Sticks to Halloween theming with colour and scent.

5. Lord of Misrule- Pink & green inside. Spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil £5.50. My personal opinion on this one is that it’s a bit boring. However, if you aren’t into the bold Halloween theming, then this may be more your thing.

Come back tomorrow for same type of blog, except with Autumnal and Halloween bedding blog. See you there!

Lots of love, this spooky season!!🎃


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