2022 Disney Spooky Season Review…

I have been to Disney a fair few times, infact now I am actually an annual pass holder. So, if you want more DisneyLand Paris content, then let me know. I also have a full Disneyland Paris vlog series on my Youtube, you can find the link to episode one below..

(23) DISNEYLAND PARIS VLOG: DAY ONE (30th Anniversary) – YouTube

First thing is first, this is the first time I have been at Halloween. I have been at Christmas multiple times, and I believe one time at a regular time. I have to say Halloween Disneyland Paris season is not as good as Christmas. Halloween is good, I am not saying it’s bad, however Disneyland Paris doing Christmas is something else.

If you love spooky season then it is great for you. There is Halloween characters, a Halloween parade, Halloween merchandise. But, if you haven’t been before I probably wouldn’t suggest it as your first time. Only because you don’t get the original Disneyland Paris vibe/package. There are no “usual” characters. Normally, you can meet Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Sully, Marie etc, but at Halloween there are only Halloween characters such as Villans, the Cheshire Cat and Jack Skellington etc. You can meet usual characters such as Minnie, Goofy, Stitch, and Chip and Dale, however these are all in Halloween costumes/outfits. Which is great if that is what you are going for but I wouldn’t suggest a Halloween visit as your first visit.

Another thing I would like to just quickly mention if you are wanting to book a last minuite trip or book in advance for next year. It is busy, busy, busy. I believe because Halloween is a one month only kind of thing (Christmas is November and December). But, this something to bare in mind it isn’t nesicarrly a big issue but ride times is alot longer than normal, so you may want to book an extra day.

The parade is something which I want to mention. It is amazing. The song is an absolute banger. There are great characters in it, a great variety from Winnie the Pooh and friends, to the usual Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy etc. The dancers are incredible. It’s not just a parade, but a parade that stops at the four stages by the castle and has a mini show (about ten minutes). It’s defiantly something you need to make time for if you are there. It was on only once a day when I was there but I believe they upped it to two shows a day due to the high demand it had.

I do have to say Disneyland Paris at Halloween is not scary, it is more spooky. There is no one jumping out at you making you scared. But, it has a real spooky vibe, spooky lighting, spooky music etc. Children are most probaly not going to be scared there. There are some spooky people in the parade who can get right in your face, but once again it isn’t too scary for children. The dancers are just being spooky (no jump scares etc).

Disneyland Paris did add a halloween castle thing. That all I could think of describing it as, sorry! They do the usual Pandora Illuminations that they’ve been doing for the last few years. They have also (if you’ve not been this year) add a drone show for the 30 anniversary which I have to admit is INCREDIBLE. But, for the Halloween season they have added only what I can describe as a mini illuminations (around five minuites) for Halloween, with villans in and spooky scenes. It’s no where near as good as the main illuminations, there really isn’t any water effects or fireworks.

One final thing I need to mention is the Halloween Disneyland Paris hours. The hours over the Halloween season is 8:30am-9pm (with the magic hour for hotel guests, 9:30 for normal opening times). These hours for me personally are perfect, I have been before where the park closes at I believe 7pm, and for me at the time it was good, however looking back it was a little early. With that being said, I have also been during the 30th Anniversay month where the park was open until 11pm, now for me, having illuminations at 11pm is too late. Too late for me a 24 year old woman and my other half, is defo too late for children. Infact on the last few days of my holiday back then I had to go back to the hotel for an afternoon nap!! Anyway, the Halloween hours are very good in my opinion, there is loads of time to get stuff done, but it is not too late for the fireworks.

I know this blog is a little random compared to my others ones. But, since this year was the first time I had ever been to Disneyland Paris at Halloween I thought I should leave a review. Make sure to pop back tomorrow, for some usual Self Care content about Lush Halloween and Autumnal products!

Lots of love, this spooky season!!🎃


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