DIY Autumnal Wreath…

It was on my bucket list for October. So, it’s got to have it’s own blog. Crafting is one of my favourite things ever, so seasonal crafts is even better!! Also, there is something about wreath making that just makes my heart happy! When people ask where I’ve got my wreath from, and I get to say I made it myself it’s just the bestest feeling ever!!

(All products are brought from HobbyCraft, either this year or left over from last year)

First up, you are going to need a wreath. This one was the cheapest big one I could find at £5. There is loads to choose from. From wired ones, to brown wooden ones etc…

Then you are going to need items to decorate it with. I don’t know the price of each item but you can head over to the HobbyCraft website to find out, and get more inspiration.

Make sure that you buy a glue gun and the correct sizes glue sticks if you don’t own one already. Please be careful when using hot glue, it can be very hot on your skin. Also, it can damage furniture so use a cover, or cardboard box to protect the sides.

Lights can be optional, however I LOVE lights on a wreath, it literally brings it to life and makes it shine!! This set of lights were also purchased from HobbyCraft and I believe were only £3, which is a great price considering how bright they are, and the fact they went around the wreath at least 4 times!

Lastly, you are going to need a way to hang it from your door, you can use string, or ribbon etc. However, I personally love this hook. (Also purchased from HobbyCraft, I believe it was around £3)

DRUM ROLL PLEASE…. This is what my DIY homemade wreath looks like!! I personally think it looks amazing, and I am very proud of myself! I think I overall spent (if I had brought all the products in one go) under £30. It’s definitely do able with a lower budget, and it’s also super fun to do.

If you do end up making a wreath please share it with me, either by tagging me on instagram (@emwinn_blog), DMing me on instagram or you can even email me at I would love to see what you have created!

Lots of love, this spooky season!!🎃


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