Tips for dealing with Darker Mornings and Evenings…

First things first, sorry this blog is late. It was supposed to go up last night at 7pm. However, since returning from Disneyland on Thursday evening I have been catching up on life and sleep. With that being said, it’s better late than never! So, let’s get into it!!

With the weather getting colder, and the days getting the darker. Here are tips for getting through the difficult months…

Morning Routine. Keep the morning routine. When the sky is dark, but time for you to get up this can be extremely difficult. Morning walks are great. If you get up, through on some joggers and a jacket, step outside. The fresh air will awaken you, it’s also super good for your mental health.

Journal your thoughts. This weather can make you feel down and sad. Make sure your getting things out of your head and on paper.

Talk to people. Friends and family. Go out, stay in. But, remember to socialise. It can be really bad for your mental health to stay insode alone in the colder months.

Have the pj’s rule. When you come in from work or wherever you have been, do your chores, everything that needs to be done before chilling out. Then when everything is done, settle and put on your pjs. This means it’s chill time.

I really hope this blog helps you. I know for some people these few months can be very difficult. Use these tips as and when you need them. Listen to your body, and understand your feelings. It’s good to understand yourself and be okay with how you feel at certain times.

Make sure to pop back 7pm this evening for the actually blog for day 15! It will be my “end of year plans for 2022” blog. See you soon!!

Lots of love, this spooky season!!🎃


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