Autumn Date Ideas…

Guys, you’ll never guess what! I have beaten last year’s Blogtober. record of only getting to day 12! I am so proud of myself! Anyway, now we have gotten over that. Let’s get into today’s blog. This is Blostober.

Day Thirteen (I never thought I would get to say that!!)

This blog is going to be very similar to my October Bucket List blog. In the sense of things to do during October. So, if you haven’t read it, I will leave it linked below..

These ideas do not have to be used for a relationship. They can be used for best friend date days, mother and daughter date days, and evening sibling date days, or any other date day that you require to use them for.

1) Pumpkin Picking. This is always at the top of my date idea list. As someone who has a Pick Your Own Farm near by, it just has to be done personally, why go to the shop when I can literally pick my own and make an event of it.

2) Coffee & a walk in the woods. Or, where ever you fancy walking, could be in a field, in you local town or even around the block. Make a hot drink at home to save money, or go all out and get yourself down to Starbucks or Costa and get yourself a festive drink and maybe even a sweet treat.

3) Baking day. This is definitely going to be something my other half and I will get up to this month. I love love love baking, and during the spooky season there is so much to bake. You could 100% make a full day of this. It doesn’t have to be expensive either.

4) A festive shop. Get yourself out to your local Tesco, The Range, Home Bargains, B&M, Dunelm, TKMax, Home Sense or all the above and make a full day of it. You don’t even have to buy that much or anything at all.

But, just go and have a look. What autumn items do they have? What is in their Halloween range? Or, if you are feeling really festive and excited for Christmas, some say it’s too early, some say it’s not. Check out their Christmas Range, because let’s be honest it’s definitely in store already.

5) Craft Afternoon. This one isn’t for everyone. I know personally, this is a bit of me, but my other half would probably hate it. So, this may be one of my bestie date day ideas. Get yourself down to Hobbycraft, get inspired, buy your bits, head home and get creative. It’s that simple. You can even watch a Halloween film at the same time?

Please feel to use these ideas to fill your October with festive and spooky fun. Make sure to use these ideas with people who will love them as much as you. So maybe, do the festive shop with your bestie if your partner will moan about walking about the shops. Or, do the festive baking with your sister, if your bestie will find it boring. Or, if you wanna do them by yourself, then please do. Don’t let anybody take away your festive fun!!

See you back here tomorrow (can’t believe I’m saying this also, for day fourteen!!). The blog of the day tomorrow is live at the usual time of 7pm and is “Tips for dealing with the darker mornings & evenings”.

Lots of love, this spooky season!!🎃


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  1. The craft afternoon and coffee and a walk sounds lovely. Some day when I visit a country with the fall season I want to go pumpkin picking and taking part in Halloween trick or treat.


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