Autumnal Essentials, you need this season!!

Autumn is great. It’s also great for treating yourself and buying nice things. However, I know this isn’t for everyone and not everyone can afford to do this. So, I’ve made sure to add things for everyone. Infact some of these you probably already have, they are just an Autumn must!!

So, lets get into it… Heads up, these are just in a random order, they are not in a specific order…

A good moisturiser. I’ve spoken lots recently about skincare and a good moisturiser so make sure to check out my two other blogs about moisturisers and skincare. I will leave them linked at the end of this blog.

A Pumpkin Mug. This may just be me. I may just have an addiction to things with pumpkins on as you will probably see throughout this blog. But, I feel like a pumpkin mug just makes your coffee taste better in the morning. I got this one from Home Bargains.

Pumpkin Bedding. There is no explanation for this other than I have pumpkin addiction. I mean it just looks nice and goes with the autumnal theme. This duvet set is from The Range.

Cosy blankets. I personally don’t think i could get through the colder months without a blanket. There is no better feeling that sitting on the sofa in your pjs, with a nice cosy blanket on. Teddy fleece blankets are definitely my favourite. I have a beige one, which also fits in with my autumn theming.

This Starbucks cup. This is one of my autumn essentials and doesn’t have to be one of yours. I just fell in love with this tumbler when I saw it. I actually got it from Starbucks at Centre Parcs, so don’t know if it’s a general cup which you can buy at every store.

A new puffer coat. I got one this year in an autumnal brown. I love a new puffer, it just means that autumn is here! I got mine from Shein and I love it! It’s great quality.

Fluffy Socks. This time of year means fluffy socks. Keeping those feet warm. I found a Halloween range of fluffy socks in New Look. I am obsessed with these ghost socks and they’re also amazing quality.

Little cardigans. I’ve never been a cardigan type of person, but this year I thought i would I’ve them ago. As they can look really nice and also be cosy and warm. This one is from Shein.

Orange candles. They don’t even have to be scented of pumpkin, an autumnal scent and a orange candle can really get the autumnal theme. I believe this one was from Tesco and was about £1.25.

A comfortable series. I am a sucker for a comfortable series in Autumn. Autumn is a funny month of feeling strange with the season change, the weather change and the clocks going back. You need something to watch that you know you like and can just have on in the background. My go to is Catfish. I can always rely on Catfish to cheer me up and make me feel comfortable.

Let me know in the comments what your autumnal essentials are. Do you need an expensive autumnal Starbucks cup to get you through the colder months? Or, are you good with a cosy blanket?

Tomorrow’s blog of the day is Blogtober Day 13, which is My Autumnal Date Ideas!! See you tomorrow!

Lots of love, this spooky season!!🎃


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