My Skincare Routine (October 2022)

If I am honest my skincare routine is pretty basic and doesn’t really change with the seasons, but that’s because I’ve found one which I like and works. The only thing that really changes is my moisturiser, but I will take about that below…

A simple clean. Washing my face with a regular bar of Dove soap. It’s just a simple step in order to clean my face from the dirt it’s gathered during the night or the day.

Oil Balance. As someone who has oily skin this is perfect for me. Would definitely recommend this to others with the same issue. Also, Neutrogena is a great brand, definitely one of my favourite skincare brands.

Facial Scrub. This is just for me, personally as I can suffer badly with blemishes. This range is prefer to for keeping clear skin. They also have a facial wash of this but I’ve currently run out as I love it that much. It smells amazing and works great along side the facial scrub.

Serum. I have a few different serums, but this one is definitely one of my favourites. It targets blemish and is great at removing them and keeping the skin clear. This one is the Salicyclic Acid by Revolution Skincare.

Face Moisturiser. I have two in which I use in the colder months. The first one is the Neutrogena Refreshingly Clear Moisturiser and the second is the Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream. You can find more information on why I love and use these moisturisers in the blog linked below…

Eye Cream. I love this one from CeraVe it’s perfect at looking after my under eyes. It’s thick and a little bit goes a long way.

Lip Balm. Carmex. Carmex. Carmex. I am a sucker for Carmex, I’ve probably got two by my bed, five in my car, three in my handbag and goodness knows how many I have else where. If you ever wanna know what to get me for Christmas the answer is Carmex! It’s great and perfect for keeping you lips hydrated.

That brings us to the end of my skincare routine. I hope this inspires you to keep on top of your skincare. I do love a good old skincare sesh and even writing about my self care. So, let me know if you want to see more on my self care routines.

Make sure to pop back tomorrow evening at the same time of 7pm, for day eleven of my Blogtober blogs!! It’s one of my favourite blogs tomorrow it’s “My Favourite Autumnal Nails 2022”. See you then!

Lots of love, this spooky season!!🎃


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