8 reasons why Autumn is my favourite season…

If anyone knows me. You’ll know that autumn is my favourite season. This blog is all about my reasons why…

I hope this blog makes you realise how much you love autumn, or make you love autumn a little bit more than you already do!

1) Autumn is genuinely beautiful. The colours. The fresh air. The orange leaves. It’s just such a beautiful season.

2) Being cosy is my favourite thing. So, the fact it’s cold outside but warm under my duvet makes Sunday an even better. Nothing beats a duvet day.

3) It’s the first time of the year to decorate (other than birthdays). Pumpkins. Orange everything. Candles. Door wreaths.

4) Fire pits. Personally I am abit of a pyromaniac. Not in a bad way, of setting everything of fire. But, I love lighting a fire, sitting around it. Toasting marshmellows. Blankets. Hot drinks.

5) Autumn Walks. I love walks. But, in autumn time it hits different. It’s so fresh and beautiful. Nothing beats being in the countryside or woodland. With the leaves, and colours. A starbies hot drink in hand. Gloves, a hat and a wooly scarf.

6) The start of candle season. I mean technically it’s candle season all round. But, candles just feel so much more cosy when it’s colder and darker. When your room is lit by candles, it’s a whole different mood. The smells are better at this time of year. Crisp Campfire Apple. Spiced Pumpkin. Mulberry and Fig.

7) The last third of the year, is the best time of time of the year. The vibes are different this time of year. Christmas is coming. It’s cosy. Everybody is jolly. It’s genuinely just the best time of year.

8) Hot drinks. I love a hot drink. It keeps you warm in the colder weather. It warms your soul. The new drinks that come out this time of year, is also the best. But, I will do a blog about that later on in October.

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I hope you enjoyed Blogtober day four. Make sure to pop back tomorrow for day five which is a blog on Books I will be reading before 2023.

Lots of love, this spooky season!!🎃


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One response to “8 reasons why Autumn is my favourite season…”

  1. I love hot drinks! Makes everything feel so cozy.


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