My end of Summer run down…

With Summer now being over, Autumn upon us, and the end of 2022 coming faster than we think. I thought I would start Blogtober with a run down of Summer and evrything that happened.

Holidays. I had my first trip abroad in four years. Ol and I, flew to Marakesh in Morrocco for an inclusive week away. It was lovely to have a week off, just me and him relaxing.

Beach days. I live in seaside town. This is something in which I took full advantage of this year, being the first year living down south in my new job and having weekends off. I spent most Saturday’s at the beach with friends or Ol. Ol and I even bought a Kayak this year so spent many evenings at the beach, in our Kayak watching the sunset.

Summer Nails. Like I said beforehand this is my first summer in my new job. When working in entertainment (my job before) it’s bery rare that you can have whatever nails you like. So, now that I have more freedom, I decided this summer I would go all out with my summer nails. You can see some of my favourites below..

My 24th Birthday. Back in July was my birthday in which I turned 24. It was my first birthday, infact my first big ocassion in our new home (we moved in at the end of January, so just after Christmas time). It was great to have my family down for the day staying with us in our home rather than them staying in a hotel.

Trip Home. Back in June, and even at the end of August. I travelled home to see my family. I always love travelling home to see family, it’s almost like a little holiday when I go home. Time with family. Time away. I especially like travelling home in Summer as it’s just a differerent vibe. Hot weather. BBQ’s. Dinner at the pub.

Overall, as you can see summer was a very busy but fun time for me. Infact it has to be one of my favourite summers in a long time.

I hope you enjoyed Blogtober day two. Make sure to pop back tomorrow for day three which is Mindset Tips for the end of the year.

Lots of love, this spooky season!!🎃


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