Blogtober 2022. Can I succeed this year??

Hello, and welcome to EmWinnBlog’s 2022 Blogtober!! I am going to attempt to actually finish Blogtober this year. If you have being reading my blogs for a while now, you’ll know that last year, I attempted Blogtober and I actually failed on day 12. Disappointing I know.

However this year I am determined to do better. So, what’s the plan?

Each day there will be a new blog. Either Halloween themed, Autumn themed or end of the year themed. The blogs will go live at 7pm EST, you can find them through my website. If you would like to have them sent your emails each day when they go live then you can do this by subscribing below…

Below you will actually find the plan of all 31 blogs you will recieve during the month of October…

  1. The Blogtober 2022 schedule
  2. End summer rundown
  3. Mindset Tips for the colder months
  4. Reasons why I love autumn
  5. Books I will be reading before the end of the year
  6. How to be productive in the colder months
  7. My fall bucket list
  8. Good moisturisers for the cold weather
  9. Five things to do on a gloomy day
  10. My autumn skincare routine
  11. Favourite Autumnal nails
  12. Autumnal Essentails
  13. Autumn date ideas
  14. Tips for dealing with darker morning and evenings
  15. My end of year plans
  16. DIY Autumnal Wreath
  17. The ultimate cosy night in
  18. My favourite autumnal drinks
  19. Autumnal candles you need to smell
  20. My 2022 autumnal haul
  21. Disney at Halloween 2022 review
  22. Lush autumn/halloween haul
  23. My favourite 2022 halloween/autumnal bedding
  24. Pumpkin picking review
  25. Scary films I will never watch
  26. Halloween costume ideas
  27. Pumpkin carving ideas
  28. Halloween film bucket list
  29. My 2022 pumpkins and decorations
  30. Bonfire night plans
  31. 2022 October finale

31 days of blogs are well underway, hoping you are just excited for this years EmWinnBlog Blogtober!! I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow at 7pm for Blogtober day two, for “My 2022 Summer Rundown”.

Lots of love, this spooky season!!🎃


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2 responses to “Blogtober 2022. Can I succeed this year??”

  1. This is My first year for blogtober. I have made so many list for the month that I gave up lol, it kept changing. So I settled on keeping one list and just rearranging what day they will fall on and even that changes. Some days might even have 2 but I am ok with that. Good luck this year!


    1. Thank you so much! & to you! It’s tricky!

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