Let’s talk motivation…

Do you ever struggle with motivation? It’s something that is either easy to you or you really struggle with? Or for me, I have really productive days and then days where I really struggle to do anything. So, I thought I would give you my top three tips to getting sh*t done.

Three tips for becoming motivated…

  • Create a routine. A positive morning is a positive day & a productive morning is a productive day.
  • As mad as it sounds, just do it. Tell yourself your going to do something, count to five and get up and do it by the count of five.
  • Write a list. To do lists really motivate me, looking at a list of some things I need to do, and ticking me off really help me to get stuff done.

Use these tips as you will, I hope they motivate you to get closer to achieving your dreams. Remember it’s okay to have a funny five mins and feel unmotivated, know when to rest and when to push yourself only you know what’s best for you. Listen to your body and treat it with kindness.

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