Why is Spring so amazing? (Spiritual View)

Sunday was the first day of spring. I always love spring, every year. I am one of those people where I love to be warm rather than being cold. I am not a fan of being cold, so winter isn’t really my thing. So, the thought of spring is always a blessing.

Why I love spring so much?

Spring is always a beautiful time. I think of spring, I think of flowers blooming. Baby animals being born. It just seems like such a beautiful time of year. The days are getting longer, the weather gets warmer. What isn’t there to love? I just love idea of sitting outside having a barbecue. Something about spring just makes me feel so happy and this year there just seems like so much extra joy than usual..

Why is spring so important to me?

Most people actually see January as the beginning of a fresh year. Which is most definitely a thing. However, for me. January & Febuary are normally a start, but March & Spring is normally where I start feeling more fresh and raring to go. I believe this is because of the Spring Equnioux. The Spring Equnioux is usual the first day of Spring and as Spiritual person it is something in which very important to me.

From what I believe the Spring Equnioux is the beginning of the “Spiritual Year”, it is known as a fresh start. So, everything that happened from March 2021-February 2022, has all happened in one year and can be let go in order to start this new “Spiritual Year”.

I use the term “Spiritual Year” lightly as I don’t think this is the correct term, but just my best way of describing it.

The Spring Equinox has apparently been celebrated for centuries. It usually starts on the first day of Spring or when the flowers begin to bloom. It is known as a spiritual fresh start, as it is the symbol for rebirth, fertility and new beginnings. As the earth is becoming alive again after a few months. Meaning animals are giving birth again, and the flowers are blooming. We can focus on renewal and awakening. As the dark month pass behind us, we can grow, expand and focus on the warmth and light in our lives.

I just feel like Sunday was almost like a boost. The weather is getting warmer. The days are getting longer. The sky is getting brighter. Life is getting better. I am almost feeling fresh and reborn.

I hope you are feeling like there is definitely some positives in your life after Spring entered our lives on Sunday. I also, would like to think maybe you learnt something from today’s blog if you didn’t know much about Spirituality in Spring, or even about the Spring Equinox. I am hoping to be posting a new blog every Wednesday, as I have know decided than Wednesday’s are EmWinnWednesday’s. If you are into YouTube vlogs you can also check out today’s YouTube video which is a Moving Vlog. You can find the link located at the top on this page.

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