Lush Haul…

I recently took a trip to Lush to see what they had to offer at this this is what I found. Honestly I was pleasantly surprised…

Firstly, they had this amazing Green Alien which smelt like I could only describe as Jelly Babies!

Then there was the black glittery bat, which I honestly looked at them, thought legitimately and realised how much of a mess it’s would have made in the bath.

Then there was a while lightning bolt one which was called “bubble bubble toil and trouble” I loved the name of this one, however it made me think of it being very baby like. It just looked very “milk bottley” if that makes any sense??

Next up there was this one. I was amazed at this by first look. Like honestly how has the been made. It’s incredible. I’m not going to lie I didn’t smell this one as I was afraid to pick it up!

Last but not least there was a Pumpkin one. The Halloween collection wouldn’t have been complete without a pumpkin let’s be honest. So, this is actually the one I picked up and took home with me. I will let you know on my Instagram what I think about it when I use it!

Let me know what your favourite looking one was and which one you’d pick up and take home with you? Or if you have used them already let me know what you thought?

Lots of love,


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  1. Nice! I love Lush products.


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