Some of you may not know this…

Firstly, writing a blog everyday that’s is autumn/Halloween based is hard so forgive me. But, this Blogtober post will not be under the “usual” category. But, who cares. Atleast I’m still getting 31 blogs out in 31 days. That is still very much an achievement and I am proud!

So, I thought I would share something with you all, that’s most of you probably won’t know.

Yes, emwinn_blog is bigger than you think! You are probably aware that I absolutely love encouraging others to love themselves so I thought why not expand and create my own little online self love shop, so that’s exactly what I am doing.

The shop is primarily self love based, with a few products having a link to spirituality and self love. I am looking to release a few more products in near future. But, for now there is my Relaxing Amethyst Crystal Wax Melts and the Self Care Box available. If you’d like to have a look or make a purchase then have a look at the links below…

Lots of love always, stay safe…


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  1. Thank you for sharing!


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