Summer Run Down..

Is anyone else kinda happy that summer is over.

Firstly, what summer? I feel like summer was in May and the finished in July. We had a lovely heat wave and then that was is. Summer was no more. But, recently I felt the difference in the mornings, they’ve just felt colder and more autumnal.

Anyways, I don’t actually feel like there is a lot to say about my summer as I was working for most of it. I do remember having a memory of having Covid in July which although was awful and I was bed bound for like five days, the last five days of isolation when I was beginning to feel better was a great time for me to sit in the garden and catch some rays instead of working.

Other than long hot walks and late night swimming in the sea, there wasn’t a lot going on for me if I’m honest. But, I would love to what you got up to and what were you favourite summer memories, so I can get inspired for next year.

Lots of love,


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