My Five Autumn Essentials…

Hello and welcome to Blogtober day two, even though technically today is my first day of writing an actual blog. So, I thought I would start with my essentials and what I cannot live without in the Autumn season. With that being said, this is not in any particular order, it’s just what came to mind first.

Firstly, Autumn is not Autumn without wearing a pair of boots. Whether my timberlands, or my wellies. I need a pair of boots for my woodland walks in the crispy leaves. I love being outside during the autumn season, the chilly air, the beautiful colours. It’s just an amazing feeling to be outside during autumn.

With this being said I love to come in from the cold walks to a nice hot chocolate with cream. There is nothing better than sitting in doors with your rosey cheeks from being out in the cold, with a nice walk mug over flowing with whipped cream. So, hot chocolates and cream are definitely essential during the colder months.

As the days are getting colder, so are the nights. With this being said I take the opportunity to get out my teddy fleeced bed sheets and have a cosy nights sleep. If you don’t own teddy fleeced bed sheets, you need to go and get your hands on them because they are such a NEED for the autumn/winter seasons.

I am a very decorative person I love a good themed decor. So, obviously apart from Christmas I take this time of year to get abit festive in more of an autumnal way. Yes, I don’t mean Halloween. As soon as autumn hits I love to get the fairly lights out, the orange candles, the small pumpkins around the room. I love the feeling of changing my room to match the season. Something in which I find quite tricky and I don’t really take apart of during the spring and summer months.

The perfect scent. There is nothing bed than laying in bed, under the teddy fleeced bed sheets with a nice orange autumnal candle burning away.

I would love to know what are your autumn essentials. Let me know in the comment section below. I hope you enjoyed Blogtober day two. I hope to see you back tomorrow for my Autumn Bucket List and what I plan to get up to in the Autumn season.

Lots of love,


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4 responses to “My Five Autumn Essentials…”

  1. love how you go all out for the autumn! love your mug and pumpkin decor!


  2. love all your pumpkin decor! and the mug with all those marshmallows?! yes please!


  3. Happy Blogtober!

    I love a good pair of boots for Autumn walks! I have my docs or my wellies, perfect for crunchy leaf jumping! I don’t have teddy fleeced bed sheets, but I do have a collection of knitted blankets that I love getting out for the colder seasons! I love your little fairy lights! I still need to buy a candle for Autumn.

    My Autumn essentials include a massive scarf that is more like a blanket and my Halloween mugs.

    Thank you for sharing! 🎃🍂


  4. I love your pumpkin decor! Thanks for sharing;


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