@emwinnblog is doing Blogtober??

Of course, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I know I haven’t been blogging much recently but I love everything about Autumn, October and Halloween. Although Blogmas last year was a little stressful as I didn’t plan my blogs in advance. I really enjoy it and I know I’m going to love Blogtober too! So here I am! I actually wrote this blog mid September, so I don’t get stressed out and I have also planned each blog for each day. Yes, that’s 31 blogs in October. Can she do it? That’s the question? Only one way to find out… subscribe or check back everyday! 

You are probably wondering. You’ve planned the month’s content, so what can you expect? Well I’m not gonna tell you all 31 days because then you won’t have any surprises for the month but, I will tell you just a couple to get you excited. 

Autumnal Content…

  • My Seasonal Bucket List
  • Autumnal Candles
  • DIY Autumnal Decorations 

Halloween Content…

  • Halloween Costume ideas
  • My Favourite Pumpkins from Pinterest 
  • What I love and hate about Halloween

Seasonal Content…

  • Fall Skincare
  • Ultimate Cosy Night In
  • End of Summer Run Down

If you are just as excited as me about this time of year, then make sure you check back daily at 6pm for my daily blog. I look forward to you joining me everyday for my Blogtober blogs!

Lots of love always,


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