It’s my Blog Birthday!🍾🎉

@emwinn_blog on Instagram, Tiktok & YouTube!

Yes, it’s been a whole year since I created this account & posted my very first introduction post! I cannot believe how far it has come from a year ago today! I often sit & think about where I want to be, such as reaching 3K followers on Instagram & I wanting to be known & helping as many people as I can to love themselves! I hardly ever stop & think about how far I’ve come!🥺

It’s been a year & I’ve gained over 2000 followers on Instagram! I’ve connected to so many gorgeous girlies learning to love themselves, girlies I would actually call my friends! I’ve created my own blog website! I started creating YouTube videos! I’ve created my own self love business! I’ve secured collaborations with amazing brands who have believed in me & kindly gifted me products and even some brands who have even paid little me to share their products!!

Basically, I just wanted to write a little blog post to say thank you! Thank you if you follow me on any platform. Thank you if you’ve ever liked a blog. Thank you if you’ve ever shown me any sort of support in anyway. Thank you so much!!

I cannot wait to see where I am a year from now!!!🥂

Lots of love always,


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2 responses to “It’s my Blog Birthday!🍾🎉”

  1. Happy Blogiversaryyyy🤍🤍✨

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    1. Thank u soooo much!!✨🤍

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