Where have I been?? (Again)

You know me by now, I’m here and then I’m not. I’m not going to lie. There is absolutely no reason about where I have been or why I haven’t been blogging other than life took over again. Which is okay may I add.

It is totally normal for you to get knocked of track, you don’t need a reason for it other than, you are too busy, too tired or life just took over. Please never let other people or even yourself make you feel bad or guilty for this. It is totally normal.

I have recently been thinking.. Why do I say I will post a blog on a certain day at a certain time and a YouTube video on a certain day at a certain time. That is forced and stressful and that isn’t me doing what I love. That is me forcing what I love, and then it is no longer enjoyable.

With that being said, I am coming back. I love to blog because it relaxes me, and I feel like I am helping other while giving advice. I want to keep releasing blogs within my niche such as self care, self love and spirituality, without the stress or putting unnecessary pressure of myself.

This is my first post back. I have so many great posts lined up, such as, self love advice, spiritual ones and even some collaborations. Like I have already mentioned they will not be posted on certain days. So, make sure you don’t miss out by subscribing to my blog website through email, or following my Instagram which is @emwinnblog (you can find link below)..


But, for the time being, I hope you are well and safe…

Lots of love,


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One response to “Where have I been?? (Again)”

  1. i’m so glad you are back to blogging but i can understand it’s tough putting focus on a lot of platforms. i love following your IG and your youtube videos as well. 🙂 sometimes you have to prioritize certain ones. I took a break from IG for instance & it was really nice. and now i’ve come back with a new mindset.

    B | http://www.mindbeautysimplicity.wordpress.com


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