New Year Goals..

Most people will probably post this near to the end of December but I have decided to in cooperate mine into my blogmas. I personally think setting goals is one if the best things you can do in life, whether it’s for the week, the month or the year, a goal is a goal. Achieving a goal is one of the best feelings in the world.

I’ve decided to set three New Years resolutions for 2021..

My first resolution is to pass driving test, this is something I set out to achieve this year but due to the circumstances this obviously became very difficult due to them closing and the demand of them after. So this is definitely something I wish to achieve next year. I think if I took the test I would most definitely pass as I do think I’m ready. I think being able to drive would definitely make people a better person as I would have my own freedom.

My next resolution is abit of an odd one, as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog I was very nervous to start blogging, but it was the best decision I ever decided to make. So, I think the next step in my blogging journey is to start YouTube. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for ages but have always been nervous to do, but I think it’s the next thing I need to do on this crazy journey of mine. It’s time to man up and get filming!

My final resolution is one that I have decided to keep on from this year. At the beginning of this year I decided to say yes to every opportunity that is thrown my way, this is one of the best decisions I have ever made it has given me the best opportunities and best memories from this year. Such as singing in stage, performing in shows, spending three months at home with my family and starting my blog. If you only set one resolution this year make it be saying yes to every opportunity given to you.

What are your goals for the new year?

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  1. You and I have very similar goals! Interesting how that happens sometimes. I’m still a learner driver as I don’t have enough hours. To get my P’s under the Australian system, I need 120 hours of experience in different weather conditions- daylight, night time and wet weather. I have seventeen so far! There was a large hiccup with my previous instructor that really disrupted things and now I’m not entirely comfortable with getting into a stranger’s car, even if they are meant to be teaching me something!

    As for a YouTube channel, I’d say go for it! I used to have a channel but always enjoyed blogging more so I deleted that. I didn’t want to spread myself thin and not give my all to blogging, my true passion. Beyond that, I feel I have more control over words than video but that’s just me! I know you’d make a brilliant YouTube. You can do so many creative and fun things with a channel and the community there is meant to be amazing! x


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