My Christmas Day Plans..

For someone who works and has worked in the entertainment industry for the last four years my Christmas day is very different to other people’s Christmas days. Most people would be off work, sat with their family all day, spending time with them. But, for someone who works in a holiday park as a children’s entertainer, this is not the case.

My normal Christmas Day^^^

I actually wrote this blog at the beginning of the month with my plan about how I would spend my Christmas Day working. I then rewrote it a few weeks ago with the five day mixing restrictions in place about how my mum and sister were coming down and renting a cottage near buy, so I could work and see them.

Obviously since then the rules have since changed and with this happening my holiday camp has decided to close until the new year, most people have seen this news has very negative. But, every cloud has a silver lining. With my work being closed, they have advised that we leave and return for Christmas.

So, for the first time in five years I will get to spend Christmas with my family and for the first time in seven years I will get to spend Christmas day with my mum as I previously spent Christmas as my dads due to my baby brother living there.

My last Christmas at home^^

I cannot wait to spend Christmas time with my family and not have to work. Usually, I get up go to work then come home to relax. But, this year I am going to spend the whole day in my pjs on the sofa, cooking dinner with my mummy.

I hope you all make the most of this Christmas! Stay safe! Have the best time in which you can. Merry Christmas!

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2 responses to “My Christmas Day Plans..”

  1. hiddenzzzblog avatar

    I hope you spend a cozy, calm and happy christmas with your family!
    Merry Christmas in advance ❤️

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    1. Thank you my lovely! I hope you have a lovely Christmas also!🥰🥰

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