Christmas Eve Box Ideas..

My other half and I have decided to make Christmas Eve boxes for each other. I wanted to share ideas we have come up for each other so you can become inspired and create one for someone you know after this crazy year, or even treat yourself this Christmas.

Firstly, the boxes we have brought are from ASDA, but I’m sure you can find other ones from other places, or for a cheaper option is wrapping a cardboard box in some nice wrapping paper!

• Pyjamas

• Mini Board Game

• Sweets/ Snacks

• Christmas Movie

• Fluffy Socks

• Hot Water Bottle

• Hot Chocolate and Christmas Mug

• Mini Alcohol

• Christmas Candle

• Bauble

• Handmade Gift

• Slippers

• Soft Toy

Hope this inspires you to treat yourself or someone this Christmas Eve. What else would you put in a Christmas Eve box?

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