Kind Gestures at Christmas Time..

This blog I am very passionate about this year. When I am speaking about kindness in this blog, it isn’t something that you only perform at Christmas, or something that should only be used because the world has gone crazy. Kindness, is something that should always be used, in everyday life, no matter if you know someone or not. You never know what someone is going through in their life.

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1) I always believe when you see an old person out in public, you should always at least hello to them. The elderly, tend to go days without speaking to anyone, so you just smiling and greeting them, could make their day!

2) Smile. If you smile and someone doesn’t smile back, what’s the issue? Nothing. You’ve lost nothing, it doesn’t cost you to smile. A smile could change someone’s day. This year is abit tricky as masks are in the way. But, I believe if you smile properly, you can see it in the eyes and that’s better than nothing, if you ask me!

3) Help the homeless. Christmas can be hard at the best if timed for someone with a home and a family. Imagine you don’t have a home to spend Christmas, or a family to see. Your couple of pounds change form the shop, could you spare it to someone who has nothing? Could you afford a hot drink to someone who is sat in the cold 24 hours a day. Or give the change to a charity who will help people have a Christmas dinner this year!

If you do anything this Christmas, please just make a difference. Whether it’s to one persons life, five peoples life’s, or a hundred peoples life’s. Just make a difference, a differences is a no matter how big or small. Be kind. Stay safe. Share the love!

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  1. Important post for this and any time of the year💗

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    1. Thanks girlie✨💛

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