My Favourite Hot Chocolate..

Hot chocolate is one of my favourite things about the winter time. There is something about a warm drink in the cold, and I mean I love a tea or coffee but when it comes to hot chocolate there is such a variety.

Firstly, I need to talk about Costa and there amazing range that they realised this year.

I am not really a fan of the orange taste, but my other half is and he tried the Terry’s Orange Hot Chocolate, and said he loved it, so I’m just gonna take his word for it on that one. But, for myself as someone who loves After Eights, I can personally say that all I have drank for the past month is the Costa After Eight Hot Chocolate. It is amazing. It tastes so good, I could drink it all day everyday.

I also wanted to get some Hot Chocolate I could drink from home for a cheaper, so I decided to pop into Sainsbury’s.

They were all roughly about 30-40p each. I am personally a massive fan of options hot chocolates, and they’ve just realised a Salted Caramel one, and it tastes amazing!! Personally, hot chocolate isn’t as good without cream and marshmallows. I also like to have marshmallows under and top off the cream because I’m that extra!

What’s your favourite type off Hot Chocolate? How do you like yours cream, no cream? Marshmallows, no marshmallows? Do you add something I don’t? Inspire me with your hot chocolate ideas!

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2 responses to “My Favourite Hot Chocolate..”

  1. envirolineblog avatar

    Malteaser hot chocolate is such a treat so will always be my favourite hot chocolate! Also, love your reindeer mug xx

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    1. Thanks girlie! Isn’t it so good🥰

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