Christmas Nails..

Christmas nails is always something I have been such a fan off. I love any sort of nail art, and I love Christmas so mix the too together and I’m yours! My job only allows me to wear red nails, but for Christmas we are allowed to add some Christmas glitter, so I will add my nails this year. But, some of the other pictures are my nails from previous years, and others are some I’ve found on Pintrest that I love the look of!

2016 nails..
My nails this year..

Which one is these nail designs are your favourite? What nail style and colour have you gone for this year?

6 responses to “Christmas Nails..”

  1. Controversial but I hate the feel of glittery nails – love the look of them but I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about them now 🙈 I used to love wearing Christmassy fake nails tho I rarely do that now coz I can’t seem to do much with them on 🤣 My fave nail varnish to wear at the moment is a metallic reddish-orange ❤ Really enjoyed this post x

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