My Christmas Wrapping this year!

I’ve had a few comments from posting pictures if my tree this year, that people like may wrapping paper and wanted to know where it was from? So, I decided as it’s Christmas themed that I would add it to my Blogmas!

This is the style I’ve gone for and can I just say I love it! I feel like it’s simple but looks amazing! I love the fact that the one role can be used for anyone, young children to grandparents, any gender. I also love the sharpie pen on the paper I feel like it’s clear to see who it’s address for so no mix ups.

My favourite part of this has to be the wrapping paper and not just because of being the main part but because of how amazing it really is. So, first on the wrapping paper is only £2.50 for 8 metres of roll at Sainsbury’s. It also comes in a the deal of 3 for 2 at most of the Sainsbury’s stores! And lastly, it is eco friendly, it’s been made from recycled paper and can be recycled after use which is always an amazing thing!

I feel like in this world, you’re either a silver person, a gold person or a rose gold person. I am definitely a silver person, hence why I decided to step my wrapping up with this Bow and Ribbon pack in silver. Also, in the 3 for 2 deal at Sainsbury’s!

What wrapping have you gone with this year? What do you think of the style I have gone for?

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4 responses to “My Christmas Wrapping this year!”

    1. Thank you so much!🎁💛

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  1. hiddenzzzblog avatar

    I love your gift wrapping! I love the fact that you used brown paper, it gives a cool aesthetic to the gift. It’s my favorite gift wrapper too ❤️

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    1. Thanks so much! Yes I love it! Gonna do it every year I think!❤️

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