My 5 favourite things about Christmas!

As blogmas is all about Christmas, I thought it was only right that I lost my favourite things about Christmas. So, let’s get into it…

1) My all time favourite thing about Christmas has to be the cosy feeling. I love coming home, when it’s dark and putting my pyjamas on. I love the fairy lights, watching christmas films. When it’s cold outside and you snuggle up under the duvet with a hot chocolate or cup of tea.

2) Gift buying for people. I love shopping and Christmas shopping is the best, I love my family and I love buying nice things for them. So, this is the perfect excuse to spoil them! I love the feeling when someone you love opens a Christmas present that they wanted, that feeling is priceless.

3) Everyone seems to be in a good mood, everyone is so jolly and happy. I feel like I can say hello to everyone in the street. You also get so much family time time. Christmas is just great at bring people together.

4) The streets are lit up, there is nothing better than going for a drive at nighttime and seeing the houses all lit up and ready for Christmas, it just puts such a smile on my face! Especially, when you have a festive hot chocolate in your hand. I love the excuse to drink your weight in hot chocolate at Christmas time. Everywhere seems to get fancy hot chocolate whether it’s McDonald’s, Costa or Starbucks.

5) Wrapping presents. I love wrapping presents, I love to wait until it’s dark outside, close the curtains, but the Christmas tree lights on and all the twinkley lights in my room, put a Christmas film on and wrap the presents in my pyjamas. I love wrapping so much that I wrap my boyfriends presents for his family too.

What are your favourite things about Christmas?

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  1. You have definitely mentioned some of the highlights of Christmas❤

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