My Christmas Tree Tour..

When you think of a Christmas, what do you think of? When you think of a Christmas item, what do you think of? A Christmas tree! So, I thought as I am taking part in blogmas, it’s only right that I show you what’s on my Christmas tree!

My Christmas Tree I’ve had since the 2016 Christmas, so this is my fifth year having this tree. I was 18 when I bought it for my first Christmas away from home. I wanted something cheap, to last the year. I bought this tree from B&M for around £17. It’s lasted me so well and it’s been amazing at Judy doing the job. The lights and basic gold and red baubles are also from B&M and were only cheap.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I definitely have favourite meaningful baubles, and I just thought I’d like to share them with you. So, here are my top 3 favourite baubles…

1) The Aristocats. This one is definitely my favourite. I think it’s absolutely beautiful, it’s glass and just so cute. I am a massive Marie from The Aristocats fan, so I thought it was only right to own something with the other two kittens on, Toulouse and Berlioz.

2) Ollie and Emily’s First Christmas. This one is definitely more meaningful to me. My other half bought me this for our first Christmas together back in 2016, it’s been something that we love putting on the tree every year, it’s just so special to me, and I hope we put it on our trees for many more years to come, hopefully one day in our own home.

3) DisneyLand Paris 2019. This one is also very meaningful. My partner got me this from DisneyLand Paris, and had it engraved with our initials and “DLP” (DisneyLand Paris). DisneyLand is one of my favourite places, Christmas is one of my favourite times and Ollie is one of my favourite people, so it really does make me very happy!

As you can see under my tree, I have gone all out with my wrapping this year. I’m thinking on doing a little blog on Christmas wrapping, is this something you’d be interested in?

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