DIY Christmas Wreath

I actually believe that I made this wreath back in October. I created it to be an Autumnal Wreath, but all materials I bought could be used to make a Christmas Wreath. All products that I bought were from Hobbycraft, but you could find these items in other places such as Amazon, EBay etc…

I believe I spent just over £25, to make this whole wreath from scratch. I even bought a glue gun and hot glue in this price, so if you’ve already got craft items. It would work out a lot cheaper.

Wreath- £3.50

Pine Cones- £3

Moss- £2

Pepperberries- £3

Glitter Wire Butteflies- £3.50

Glue Gun- £5

Glue Sticks- £2

Fairy Lights- £3

Hook- £2

I hope this has inspired you. Once again, I made this wreath in October and it’s now December and it’s still going very strong. I have kept it inside at all times though. It definitely worth the money, it was so fun to create and I love the idea of the wreath so much more because I have made it myself. The plan is to keep it safe for next year as well.

Have you made a wreath this year? Where did you buy the craft items from? What style did you go for?

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