Why do I put my Christmas Decorations up so early?

The “usual” time to put a Christmas tree up is at the beginning of December for the Christmas period and some people even only put there tree up for the twelve days of Christmas. Some people go slightly early but I really push the boat out.

I love Christmas, it’s such a happy jolly time of year, so it’s something that I like to make the most of. Some may say for too long? I also love Halloween. So I like to take my Halloween stuff down and out my Christmas tree up straight away.

This year I believe I’m put my tree and decorations up on the 6th of November, but I’m sure last year I had it all up for the 1st/2nd of November.

Personally, I just think Christmas should be made the most of and especially this year after everything that has happened I believe this time should be longed out and be made as happy as possible.

When did you put your Christmas tree up? Is it up yet? What is your opinion on timing of Christmas decorations as has it changed this year after evening that has happened?

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One response to “Why do I put my Christmas Decorations up so early?”

  1. You do you! Whatever makes you happy. 💕 I’ve put mine December 1st. 🎄

    Toma ❄️ https://www.tomaruh.com

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