My Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep

This is my guide to a good nights sleep. I would personally say that I am very good at sleeping. I can actually sleep up to fourteen hours sometimes if I’m really feeling tired. I 95% of the time sleep through the night without waking up once, which I have to say is the best feeling in the world! This blog is to cover how to relax before bed, how to be comfortable and how I like to sleep…

An hour, or half an hour before bed, I like to settle down by setting the mood. I like to stop using my phone as much, in order to calm my mind before bed. The best way to have a good nights sleep in my opinion is to set the mood for bed time, this includes all the senses. The best way I like to set the mood is too make the room dark. I don’t like to have any big bright lights on, I have the room as dim as possible. I suggest candles and a lamp. I also think smells are a great way to set the mood for bed time, my favourite relaxing smell is lavender. You can use candles, wax melts, diffuser or incense.

Do something for you before bed. Something you love, but something calming. Have your favourite hot drink or snack, a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Whether you watch your favourite film, programme, or listen to your favourite podcast or music. Going to sleep in a good mood will encourage you to wake up in a good mood. I would also recommend being wise in what you’re watching or listening to. Watch something without to much adrenaline, fighting etc. This should be similar with your music taste before bed, try something relaxing, or acoustic rather than music that is too upbeat.

For a good nights sleep, you need to be comfortable. Think about what you are wearing, are your pyjamas comfortable? Are you too hot? Too cold? Make sure you are cosy. Everything from your mattress, to your duvet, to it’s cover, to pillows etc. Everyone sleeps in there own way. Some wear pyjamas, some don’t? Some wear socks some don’t? Some have two pillows, some have one? It completely up to you and your preference.

Personally, I sleep best with an eye mask on, it’s not to do with darkness but more to do with the pressure of the weight on my eyes. If you struggle to sleep and have never tried one, I would 100% recommend one. I was very sceptical at first as I thought I would wake up and think I couldn’t see, but that never happens.

A good night sleep for me, is sleeping on my left side facing the wall. Which is something I think helps me nodd off, as I cannot get distracted by things in my room. I also sleep better with a teddy fleece bedsheet on as I feel cosier and more comfortable. I am most comfortable with a pillow in between my legs, I don’t know why it’s just how I feel most comfortable.

I hope these tips and tricks help you get a good night sleeps. If you have any tips or tricks of your own then please let me know in the comments below, I would love to know!

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  1. I’m also somebody who could sleep for up to fourteen hours if I was let be! Love a good lie in. I tend to watch horror movies before bed but still do okay. I was an insomniac in previous years but that definitely improved. My best tip for getting a good night’s rest is to sleep in linen sheets! It’s made all the difference for me. I love linen has a great sale on right now! x


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